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  • Hello my dear how are you doing Please can you contact me here for important discussion -- Reginareig43@ gmail.com
    Hooray!!!! I can finally make devious, controversial posts on your wall again, such as... Did you cut your hair? It looks fabulous on you, as well as the glasses. <3
    Oh, heya. I'm doing alright, but my computer broke! It's why I havent been here in months, haha. I can get online on my phone, but this is the kinda site where I ALWAYS end up getting into serious conversations and have to write big long freaking posts and copy paste information from multiple sources and like, theres no freaking way I can do all that on my phone, so ive been avoiding coming here, haha. Its a bummer though, as I liked this site and miss a few of the people here. Maybe I can try to just avoid the serious stuff on here, can try but am doubtful : / Might go ahead and try anyway though.

    Hope youre doing well, as well.

    thanks for the rep! :)
    im doing well! Yea we miss you on ttu and I wanted to ask you for your skype id as I got a new one and didn't get to add you back to the friends list. Just pm it to me if you don't mind. :)
    hello abby, just stopping by to see how you are doing?
    If you get a chance, check out the old 80's Transformers cartoon :). And yes, Soundwave is a bad guy... he's often Megatron's go-to guy. I was disappointed that they didn't really translate him into anything modern in the movies. Soundwave is a classic! I haven't liked any of the Transformer movies and in this last one, Optimus does go bad, but he's only in the movie for like 10 minutes :(. I'll take note of your other movie suggestions! :) I just saw Blade Runner 2049... I saw the original like... 20 years ago? Lol. Man. This sequel had SO much potential... but somehow it missed the mark. I wish you lived closer. How about Sephora, dinner, and a movie???? :D <3
    Ha ha ha!!! I feel so old... My profile pic is my favorite (Decepticon) Transformer, Soundwave. I used to watch the original 1980's Transformers cartoon. Soundwave was so cool... He had this robotic voice, was the Decepticon master of communications (true love! <3), transformed into a tape player, and had a bunch of cassettes as accessories that each transformed into different things (LaserBeak was a bird, Ravage was... a jaguar?) So... he was right up my alley--communications expert, secret compartments, cool accessories, and an awesome voice! Oh, and not to mention that he was a total baddie!! :D (Maybe I had a little too much time on my hands after school.) :cool:
    Abs! How have you been? Sorry I've kind of been out of the loop... Hope we get a chance to catch up soon. It's always good to see you here (or anywhere else, for that matter! <3 Love you!
    You are very welcome and Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)
    Thanks so much, Abi... I love you! <3 Hugs.
    wow! you must be busy! what are you doing exactly abi? ( as in profession)
    my neighbour is okay. we're not so bothered by him anymore. he's shut us all out as if we dont exist. anyway, we dont mind so much. hopefully, God will come and break his heart so he could realize what he's doing.
    im very busy with studies myself. so mich things to revise! i have five more months until the exams. a lot of studying to do. but, all good here sister!
    Miss Abs!!! How you be?! Whatcha doin' for the upcoming holiday season? (Although technically, I guess it's almost over.)
    hey Abi! how are you doing? been such a long time since i last heard from you. hope all is well!
    How could you possibly have known it was me?

    good to see you abby :)
    i hope things have calmed down

    i know how busy you've been
    Indeed i am, pretty much have never stopped! Front Desk Manager now.
    This is correct. I am BACK! From what, I'm not entirely sure.
    Until next week my friends! <3
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