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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    How to approach my daughter (complicated situation)

    It seems you need to discuss things first with your parents before addressing them with your daughter, since she has been living in their home and under their authority for quite some time and gradually find a way to gain back your parental authority.
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    Daughter rejected our dating values and our relationship is now strained

    Accept her choice even if you don't like it and show her love. It's God's job to turn her heart around now.
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    I messed up

    Thank you! God bless!
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    I messed up

    I messed up in a major aspect of my life. Please pray for God to give me the strength to do the right things from now on. Thank you!
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    Daughter not respecting family values

    It's sad that although she doesn't agree she doesn't have the respect not to ask you...Maybe you need to communicate with her more.
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    Need Relationship Advice, Please!

    To love is to serve. The simple thing to do would have been to put the dishes and the milk away, it's not really a mess anyway. As for posting the question here, this might be a problem. You don't need to find out whether it was demeaning or not in view of a general consensus. It is enough to...
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    Unbiblical Remarriage - In need of guidance.

    I believe doing right by God would be for you to find a way to reconcile with your husband ( your first one ) if he wants you back. And be there for your family.
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    I didn't get it. Did you consummate the marriage?
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    Needed some cheering up

    It's always hard when we lose someone we care about, sorry about your loss. It's a good thing we have hope though, that it is not the end...
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    Married Ladies Only Please

    Maybe love him even more, with more passion and not just "fulfilling wifely duties". I think emotional closeness is very important in this equation, too.
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    Chat on the site

    I use a PC to log on the site and I haven't downloaded the Chat App. However, last week when I logged on the site there used to be a chat tab on the bottom of the page showing people available for chat and I could chat to people. Now it's gone...on the bottom of the page there are tabs of...
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    How best can one ward off sexual advacement from colleagues at work place?

    By addressing the advances in a straightforward and polite manner. In other words, let the person understand that you are aware of their advances but that you are not interested. Tell them directly if necessary.
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    Single and Saved!

    "Wild at heart" by John Eldredge is a good book to learn about men. :) God bless!
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    Your interpretation of my dream was very accurate, thank you.

    Your interpretation of my dream was very accurate, thank you.