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    Need prayer and healing, relationship

    You said exactly what I was thinking but in a nicer way. 🙂
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    It's that time again: New years resolutions !

    I don't really make new years resolutions. I sort of think of them in the same way I think of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ppl always say at Thanksgiving you should take stock of your life,what you have,family,friends etc. I think I should be thankful daily,not just once a year. At Christmas...
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    The Creative Thread

    Late night randomness.
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    Midnight Confessions

    I confess... Even when I'm alone, if I burp I still say excuse me out loud. I also confess that I randomly break out into nonsensical songs about things around me, or something I'm doing or even something that is completely made up that means nothing even though it sounds like it could be in a...
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    Last person to post wins!!!

    For the Christmas win🎄😄
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    Last person to post wins!!!

    Well...each of us could have a shoe. The car we could switch on & off. One week one of us takes the even days,the other odd. Repeat. Or you can just have the car, cause I'm not a great driver. 😜
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    Random game.

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    Last person to post wins!!!

    I wish I could share this win with Ruby.
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    Midnight Confessions

    That was me in the 70s! I was the one going over the Falls in a barrel labeled " NY or Bust " eating a ham sandwich. What? Don't judge me - I was hungry! 🤣