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    Microsoft Excel Help

    Dear all, it will be a miracle if I can get an advice here. I am actually doing a shift-work roster for my job. I'm finding ways for excel to automatically fetch the respective name of the employee right after choosing his/her shift via a drop box. (e.g. For Tom, under the column of date, say...
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    Conflicts between Genesis 1 & 2

    In regards to the order of creation for humans & animals, Genesis 1 says that animals are created on day 6 followed by humans, while Genesis 2 says that animals are created to be companion for Adam after he is created. I did alot of research in the internet but none has given yet a satisfactory...
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    Is God higher than Jesus?

    Jesus said that below. So does it really imply that God has a higher position & is more authoritative in a sense? & yes, I'm clearly aware that Jesus is God too, part of the Trinity. "You heard that I said to you, ‘I go away, and I will come to you.’ If you loved Me, you would have rejoiced...
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    Prayer intervenes Freewill

    Wouldn't an answered prayer intervenes freewill? Then why pray? Example: I pray for Lisa to fall in love with me & God answered my prayer. Isnt this violates Lisa's freewill because God influences her mind?
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    pls welcome me

    Dear all, my mission here is to spam all my questions to you brothers and sisters who have been thinking more than me! I have 80 537 questions in total and will try to spam them every day until I get the answers to minimize my doubts, thank you, agrigatou gozaimasu.
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    predestination vs freewill

    There is a tension in my mind in attempt to grasp these. If there is freewill, it means your actions determine your outcome. If there is predestination, it means no matter what you do, you cant alter the outcome. But both above are mentioned in bible, which contradicts one another. Someone pls...