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    What is everyone's hobbies?

    You might say I am sort of a critic, because I usually find myself criticizing other people's art...
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    What is everyone's hobbies?

    Playing video games is one of my hobbies as well. I am very artistic and I like making and evaluating art.
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    How old are you guys

    Well, I am 31 so I guess I'm old. But isn't this the teens area? I thought adults like us were not allowed to post in here?
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    Tucker Carlson: Elizabeth Warren has appointed herself head of the #MeSioux movement (hilarious)

    Did you say that the Cherokee deny her? I am so proud of them for taking a stand. That's my tribe for you!
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    Tucker Carlson: Elizabeth Warren has appointed herself head of the #MeSioux movement (hilarious)

    If anyone here is Native American, its me. My father is descended from the Cherokee tribe. I did genealogy research years ago when I was 15 and a lot of my ancestors were Cherokee.
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    Just joined a few minutes ago...

    Hello, my name is Jacqueline **middle and last name removed**. I am aged 31, female. My interests are video games, manga, reading and books, all forms of arts, crafts, and just too many hobbies to list! I am the creative one in my family and my artistic juices are always flowing! I have a...
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    Has Anyone Been Visited?

    By "intelligent beings", tanakh, I am just going to assume you mean demons and angels, since aliens are not real.
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    Has Anyone Been Visited?

    Aliens have never been confirmed by science. Mankind has been listening into deep space for years trying to hear aliens, but all they hear is silence. Aliens don't exist. I don't believe they do. As far as I'm concerned, our earth is the only planet that has intelligent life on it. God made our...
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    Famous Celebrity Cardi B is a Satanist

    I had no idea who Cardi B was either, until I saw this thread. She must not be as famous as you claim. And I am one who does keep up with pop culture, and if I have never heard of her, then I'm sure that a whole lot of people have not either.
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    Veggies/Fruit Thread/Poll

    Also, I have to drink lactose-free milk, I cannot drink regular milk like most people can. This means eliminating food products that contain regular milk in their ingredients. As you can imagine, my diet is more restricted than what is normal.
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    Veggies/Fruit Thread/Poll

    Some people like me NEED to eat a special diet. I was tested for food allergies, and I am allergic to corn, green beans, carrots, and garlic, all of which are uncommon allergy types, so there are some vegetables I cannot eat even if I wanted to. Also I have ceoliac disease, meaning I cannot eat...
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    Canadian WEEEEED! (Lampoon: S. Colbert)

    Smoking weed should be outlawed, just like illegal drugs should be outlawed. At least, that is what my parents believe, and they are what you call Conservative Christians.
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    How are you doing today?

    I'm sorry, I did not know that vets were homeless. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I think that there are a lot of people out there like me who do not know that veterans are homeless. I don't think they are trying to be cruel, they are just not informed of the issue, like I was just...
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    $1.6 Billion Lottery Jackpot

    I thought gambling was of the devil. At least, that was what my parents believed and they never let me do the lottery growing up.
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    Strictly Miscellaneous

    I have been a Pokemon Trainer for over 20 years now. Sorry, that was totally random, but you were asking for it...