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    quitting cigarettes.

    God bless you for wanting to change and quit. My hubby battles the same addiction and it is a sore spot between us. God has already given you the victory over this habit just accept it from Him and take one day at a time. Even one minute at a time. Focus on God being right by your side. Each...
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    Tax reform

    Ponder this... back in early 1980's I was a single Mom living off about $12,000.00 a year when I finished working in 2013 my income had grown to the $45,000.00 area. I wasn't on welfare and we didn't starve...go figure... So 6 figures a year is rich to me and if I could live off the little bit...
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    How many if you married your mom or dad?

    Out of the three men I was serious with my first husband Mike no not like Dad at all in looks or actions, Marwan my daughters Father had no Dad characteristics, however, Jerry my current husband does remind me of my Dad a little in looks. I am also the most comfortable with Jerry out of the three.
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    global warming will destroy the Earth

    Living in Florida I personally feel the heat and I can't argue when they show me the pictures of the ice caps melting. I do believe it is getting warmer and one of the 7 last plagues is men being scorched by the sun.... So....
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    I don't know what's going on with anyone here, but.....

    I can tell you that Tourist is o.k. and doesn't hold grudges or let most things like this bother him. I don't believe I have ever heard him say anything bad about anyone in our 4 years of marriage. He does like a good debate now and then but he is o.k. and I know he thinks highly of you so...
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    Are you happy with who you are right now?

    Maybe not happy with who I am but very happy with where I am in life. I love this retirement phase with most of my big responsibilities behind me like work, raising a family and the big worries that I had to deal with before where I am right now and I LOVE the phase of life I'm in right now.
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    A Few Thoughts on Forum Conflict

    Just an observance of the last 10 or 15 years. The world as a whole has gotten more argumentative. Polarized going one way or the other and at each others throats. We can see it mainly in the political parties. Also I've noticed that religion as a whole is also being polarized in that where...
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    Let our electricity be not disconnected

    Father please help Levi to keep his lights on whether it be with funds to pay or mercy from the electric company. Thank you for your help. In Jesus Name Amen
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    Ask the user below you a question

    Red, White and Blue. Favorite Beach or Mountains?
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    Turning everything over to God

    We both need to rest in Jesus.
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    Turning everything over to God

    I know that it can be very discouraging to keep falling/failing on the same sin I too have battles that I fight against some I win and some I loose, but remember when you stumble and fall to keep getting up and keep handing your fight back to God. We fail but God doesn't and Jesus has already...
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    Midnight Confessions

    Poor honey I promise I will make it soon. Laundry got me sidetracked.
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    Midnight Confessions

    I think I will make my two minute microwave peanut butter fudge.... Tourist will be happy.
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    Conspiracy against cats.

    I have to disagree with the science that says cats don't love their owners. Could someone please explain to me why when I went on a vacation for a week on the beach with my niece my husband reported my Sugar kitty cried for me when I didn't come home? If she didn't care she would not have been...
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    Conspiracy against cats.

    Cats are better than dogs. The end.