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  • Thank you for the rep. I sure did read it and I'm glad that you are posting once again. You have been missed.
    Been meaning to say... I love your new avatar picture!

    It is nice o see you back posting again :)
    So true! He said, "In this world there is many troubles. But rejoice for I have over come the world." =)
    Yo Sister LOLGal I can call you that right? Its OK? Smile... How ya Beee? Long time no "CC" Chit Chat. I just worked an enormous 15 hour day and I must say: Beware of the people who tell you life is simple. Life is such a mass of complications that no man or woman is safe apart from God.Me coming to Jesus did not simplify my life; it only simplified my relationship to God.
    Wooo Hoooo! I'm up to 51 friends! =D I feel so loved. =) <3
    .........peek-a-Boo! I see you!
    Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick....does it feel like time is standing still? Tick, tick, tick......ok, how about felt like it sped up huh? That's because when we watch time it get's embarrassed and slows down! Smile. God owns all the ticks, and tocks so I just try and keep my hands out of the cookie jar. Ok, I always put my hands in the cookie jar, but I try not to worry about time. Ok, let me say it even more accurately: I try not forcing God's hand in the arena of time. BiNgO!...Carol Merrol tell him what he's won....! let all *Sighs of time be God's Character builder's! Smile....I know quit teasing you - I got it! :).
    Hey Gal! I see you still hold the best profile award. :D
    Cool Neon Cross! Smile.
    King of Kings and Lord of Lords..(Revelation 19:16). Now that is where I got the phrase "The cream of the crop," calibrated properly.
    "This is the blood of the New Covenant, which I shed for many." (Mark 14:24). Take; drink this in remembrance of His Holy blood shed for the remission of your sins and as we do this together we give thanks for our communion with God thru Jesus Christ. Here ya....Go, don't spill it! Smile. Ps)....42 friends now! Smile :cool:.
    Hey Gal!! Thanks for dropping by. I hope you're having a blessed and peaceful evening! Keep rockin'!
    I'm up to 41 friends! WOOOO HOOOO! I feel so loved!
    Yes, He is amazing > Our God! Our death to the right to ourselves only comes as we simply trust in Him over ourselves (which is God's workmanship in us). Thus, our trial is not so much in dying over and over but in trusting God sometimes; to this conclusion I can agree. Yet, it is being crucified in Christ that marks God's quest for us; that of absolution - to be sanctified in a life of complete trust in things yet seen with a God that is intimate with us instilling confidence and faithfulness in us, only to be acted out. Our rewards when we are crucified in Christ are (as you said) real, but it is the fact we get to love God back thru Jesus Christ, that becomes the strength and joy of His children for He loves us so much first, we can't help in loving Him back when we remain in Our Savior whom gives us power to do so successfully; well-pleasing to Himself. He is indeed an amazing God! Amen Sista!
    Serendipity! You know, I recently watched that movie with someone special. It sure was a serendipitous moment. =) ... Yes, this dying to self business can be hard sometimes. Oh, but the rewards, the blessings, when we do. Oh what love the Father has bestowed on us! He's an amazing God! =D <3
    To be certain of God means I am uncertain in all my ways not knowing what tomorrow may bring. I many times express this with a sigh of sadness, but I shouldn't; I should always express it with breathless expectation. I am uncertain of my next step, but I am certain of God. As soon as I abandon myself like that to God and do the task He has placed closest to me, He begins to fill my life with surprises. God's love in me expresses itself as God, not as a human love trying to be godly. How you be Serendipity?
    "Whew! We, He, me, and ye, are all apart of the three in victory, setting He in front of me and ye, and even we, and she/he; if one flies by, even a bee, for it is He we find the compatibility in being the compadre! whew!
    For the things I do, I don't want to do; and the things I don't want to do, I do. But the things that I desire to do is yet to be do-ed and the doing of the do is in the doing process of the finished do.
    I have learnt that I am me. That I can do the things that as one might put it, me can do, but I cannot do the things that me would like to do. Is the me that I describe you? For without Christ me won't do, but to do the do with Christ, I am doing me a new do indeed! Now I know you love the Mountain dew too so add that to the do we do in Christ too. To be me is to know He and to know He is to be He entirely, but me all the more. the me I see is now in the New Me tree of victory; in the family of life..I have a sister and it is ye, that like me is in that tree: welcome absolutely!
    Id add you again but... I already have
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