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    Has a Thread discussing the Constitutionality of Shelter in Place been discussed?

    Although the shortened shopping hours can be viewed as counterproductive, the additional "closed" time is necessary for the store to keep up with current disinfecting protocols.
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    Phone a friend

    It's an age of account thing. The subscription system is relatively new to the forums and users who were here prior to the system being instituted are grandfathered.
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    If you're stuck at home, what are u doing to pass the time?

    I love tall ceilings like that because most home owners won't mess with them and pay me to do it. :cool:
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    Senate Democrats again vote against advancing coronavirus package

    I was curious to see what area was being locked down now so I did some IP creeping on you. You aren't too far from where I spent my early years.
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    Want to beat the coronavirus? Reopen America now

    That may be so but in your original post you transposed the 2 and the 4. You typed 42, not 24.
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    Want to beat the coronavirus? Reopen America now

    My bad, I hadn't noticed that you had already posted a link.
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    Want to beat the coronavirus? Reopen America now

    PS, the latest numbers from Johns Hopkins Almost 42,000 confirmed cases in the US with cases reported in every state. 573 deaths in the US Obviously, when you look at the map (link below) the greatest concentrations are in major metropolitan areas Johns Hopkins Covid-19 world map
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    Want to beat the coronavirus? Reopen America now

    Your source's math is horrible 18+42=60 The last time I checked there are only 50 states
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    Midnight Confessions

    Kettle you're very black. You report someone who hasn't been here in years for an avatar that there is absolutely nothing wrong with yet see nothing wrong with posting pictures of yourself and others half naked. Consider yourself fortunate that you aren't the one getting banned.
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    The Chat Thread

    You could probably get some from your local grocery store, they have way more than what they need these days.
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    Biden - If you vote for me your taxes are going to be raised, not cut!

    For some time I was a proponent of a national sales tax in lieu of the income tax for a couple of reasons. A) You're taxed on what you spend, not what you make thus it promotes saving/investing B) It is impossible to evade via working under the table and those who are in illegal businesses end...