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    Cool. Is there room in the suitcase? (for me ....)
    Oh, I forgot: If you visit Carlisle, make sure you visit the cathedral. It's amazing
    Isle of ....Mull, Iona , Cull, Tiree

    ...Skye a bit further north


    Or walk in the highlands on the mainland.

    Head northeast on the mainland to see Golspie, with a neat castle
    (Of, you've already passed dozens of castles on your way, but this one is special)

    Go way up northeast and see the Stacks of Duncansby


    and yeah, make sure to bring a printed copy of the castle trail, there are too many castles to mention them all :p
    If you to to Yorkshire, make sure you visit York!


    Go all the way to the east coast and visit Whitby


    Go north and enter Scotland.

    If you go west, make a stop at Ayr, if you go east, stop at Berwick - Upon Tweed

    If you head for the Glasgow area, visit Paisley (with Paisley abbey and the baptist church)


    If at Edinburgh, see the castle. Same if you go to Stirling (between Edinburgh and Glasgow, a bit to the north)

    Climb a mountain in the Trossachs

    Go east for St Andrews, Arboath or Montrose
    Go west for Oban, and take the ferries to the isles
    Hmmm, are you a strong swimmer? Do you have access to a sturdy ferry? Submarine?

    I suggest you first go east (through any states you want to visit).
    Cross the sea to Spain (San Sebastian is nice).
    Go north to France. (I haven't seen enough of France to know what to recommend yet)
    once in Calais, France, you can go by ferry or tunnel to Dover. (Ferry offers a nice view of the cliffs.)
    (For a detour: When you've explored Dover, go west and visit Brighton and / or Exmouth with Orcombe point. )

    The South West Coast Path offers gentle walking out of Exmouth as it enters the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Geoneedle at Orcombe Point marks the beginning of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.

    Go northwest and visit Liverpool
    Go further north and visit either Lake District or the Yorkshire moors
    You're a nut.

    But you know... One of the healthy kinds with all the good omega fats and whatever benefits nuts can have. And we all know this place could use a little more nuttiness. :) Good to see you posting!!

    That is, when you're not doing things like replacing your daughter's goldfish under stealth... :D
    I just did something so unforgivable, but was overcome with temptation that I had a yogurt binge and somehow managed to eat all your yogurt so I suppose you need to get some more :(

    Can we still be buddies?:p
    Yo! Long time no see - online. Hopefully you're groovy, buddy.
    You??? Not having much to say???!!!

    I think the Apocalypse just occurred... and obviously, I missed it. :p

    I'll be waiting.
    Oh, I know. Participating in the BDF is a rock-bottom sign that I seriously need professional help! :p (Just like my posts, I can only speak for myself, and not others :rolleyes: who might participate there!!) P.S. I'm missing YOUR posts in Singles!! :)
    You, sir, tsk tsk, troublemaker!
    I know I say this all the time, but thank you. You helped me out a lot:)
    All this talk about me being "nice" or "cool" are all just bad rumors. Why, just ask the people I'm mean to. So glad your family had a great holiday!!! I worked, but it's not a bad thing. I keep telling myself, one of these years, I'm going to have an epic Christmas!!! I might even try crashing yours. :p
    You're welcome my friend.
    How can you write so much about things that don't apply to you??? :p Thanks for not taking advantage of my visitor message box. :D To be honest, I really do appreciate the sentiment, Mikey, and I've become much, MUCH better at standing up for myself the past few years. If nothing else, I'm becoming pretty cold-hearted. You know. Like a polar bear. That eats penguins. Therefore when Melita talks about penguins, I get distracted. How were your holidays? Hope you and your little lady are doing well!!! :) Don't be a stranger.
    Thanks, did this guy ask you to use your ninja skills to help him fight crime? If so, that would be awesome:)
    Mikey, thank you for being such an awesome friend that I do not deserve, but because of God's amazing grace it's attainable. May God pour out his blessings upon you and your daughter in 2016 more than you could ever imagine.
    You too Mikey... Merry Christmas :)
    No worries. I think I did that once before too. :o

    Merry Christmas, man! I'm glad you're getting some time with your little lady. Here's to hoping for a great 2016.
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