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  • It's okay to remind us to donate. I just remembered that it had been a while for me. Blessings.
    Can you delete my account please? No one is answering my emails
    I tried to donate but was invalidated for wrong postcode [??] mebbe because I'm a Brit
    Dear sir,

    I have posted this question a couple of times by using the contact form,
    unfortunately I haven't gotten an anwser,

    But pherhaps that I can reach you in this way.

    Could you delete my account? The e-mail connected to my account has already been deleted, so sending an e-mail there has no use.

    Kind regards,
    Hey Brother going into 2nd day of logging on to empty rooms.... I just have a question with this have something to do with Adode air.... I remember I had that problem once before.... thank you for your time.....God bless
    Hi Rob still not able to download the CC app as Adobe air damaged... I have tried about 50 times now
    Hi Rob great difficulty downloading the CC apps via adobe air as it seems damaged . tried 20 times now. and laos ave iMac
    THE INSTALLER FILE in the cc chat download for windows is corrupt pls fix it so we can download and install it
    Hi Tracy, my username is banned and I would like to chance to be reinstated. I think the issue can be easily resolved with an apology and humble acceptance on my part. Let me know how we can talk since I am unable to get on chat. Just let me know what I need to do to make things right. Thanks
    Hey, the last crash reset my mod status I think, I no longer have the @ for the Spanish room and also the chat looks shrunken on my phone screen now, would you please mind looking into it? Thanks brother and hope you are well God bless.
    Good evening. I wanted to ask you for help with the app, I can't login today, I get the following message: "Check your internet connection", but my connection is fine. Then when I reinstalled it, a message came out saying that the app was not compatible with this android because my cell phone had just been updated. what could I do? I would appreciate your help, blessings!
    Hey delete my 2 accounts from your website please
    Kel_Du_Uke and Tommy_Vercetti
    These people in your website do it "proverbs 6:16-19
    Ban for no reason people from other places it not is USA or Canada
    Some of them not even care about the word of God
    So I beg please delete both accounts up.
    God have mercy of those people full of authority in CC.
    Please delete my account
    Hi RobOp, is it okay I may ask how did you create the live chat and being able to swtich channels platform?!!
    Delete my account please
    Could you please delete my account ASAP.
    Hey Rob, still banned from chat. Can you sort this out. Not sure why im still donating to the site and have been for the last 15 years?
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