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  • hi Rob, my phone app has stopped working, i cant log in, please help. Thank you.
    I can't log into any of the Christian chatrooms. the same thing happened last time .RoboOp can you please look into my account and see what issue is, it might be a glitch
    my app too has stopped working, i cant log in anymore.
    i cant find chat room
    There was a recent situation where people ganged up on a guy calling him numerous names and then they had the audacity to complain on him ... Icetech was his name ... I was witness to this tag teaming that was performed on him ... Can you please explain to me why he was banned, when it was the others doing "all" the name calling ? ... It was in a thread called "why women are not to preach" ... I would just like to know why he was banned because I saw the whole thing and he was treated very unfairly by some not so nice people ...

    Thank You,
    Hi Robo, I hope you're well and your family. I'm in this bible study group here (Youth Bible Study group) and we constantly run into this problem... The word limit in the chat groups, is 1000 characters only (a lot shorter than in the forums!). And with the 30-second-after-last-post limit, it is a pain T_T

    I think it can be easily tweaked, so would really really appreciate it if you (or any of the other admins) can increase the limit. :D I know you're a very busy man but it would be so great, so I pray you get some time to spare :D Thank you :D :D
    Hey it's me MichaelWMartin777 I think I can be a admin if you want me to
    Hello sir, this is "lastofall". I tried and tried, but the paypal just won't accept my card number: It's too bad that you don't have a general account for the site that someone like me could just go to my bank and fill out a transfer that could be sent monthly automatically.
    How is your day
    Sir my name is HolyRoller23 on here and I like you all; well for some reason they banned me; I never cussed; I never fought with anyone; I never said anything that would banned me
    Arabian-princess says ( this is ap the reason was only to chat so as i know i love allah and i love my prophet muhammed then i made a mistake which is(making frindship with non muslims)and forgot that in my belive its disrespectfull to alah to say he has a son or a pratner or the 3 i should never make non muslims friends but someone did a black magic to me and put a christian demon inside my body to force me to b christ and i never been christ i lie to people here becoz they start to insult my prophet muhamed i wanted them to stop after they asked me to pray for jesus i wanted to leave but the christian demon was forcing me to go back to cc now i findout about the black magic and i burnd the christian demon jinn with holy quran with the words no god but allah and he is one i said it evry day 1000 time until he died and this is an advice for u all if the word of allah can burn what u guys say jesus died for our sins and its 3 and he is son of god u need to reserch the truth
    Hi I'm Kim. I'm.a 54 yr old single woman .Yes I'm a Christian.Living in the USA.
    Hello sir I just joined today I also recently started a new job I haven't gotten paid as yet but as soon as I do I will contribute thank u
    Still won't tell me anything. Terrible moderator. Bans people for no good reason
    hi..i dont even know if this is the right place.....i am a member of christian chat and have been for over 10 yrs but i cant seem to get into the chat doesnt come up to say i am banned like it has before there is no bar in the middle to say its loading...can u help?digdug is my username...thanx
    RoboOP Don't let someone take you to a dark place spiritually and Rob you of your peace. God Bless you. That's his business to us. Shalom.
    hi RoboOp, wanted to let you know I have subscribed but still can't use the tools to show bible verses
    Saw you on chat. Wanted to pm. Using the app
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