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    Hi Robo :)
    Oh ok, thanks for that. I thought it was just me and my incredibly outdated work computer. Thanks. I'm in now! :)
    sorry Ira I'm testing a new version (with multicam chat)... i reverted back to the old version for now, so come on in.
    Hey Robo, the log in process has stopped working for me. I got disconnected in chat, now it wont let me log back in. I can access forums fine, but I cant even get the cursor to click in the barsfor me to put in my password and such. I wrote you ccmail about this, but I'm not sure if it sent properly, because my computer froze right as I hit send!
    George: I have no idea what you're talking about. And I don't call myself a missionary. But I will ban you now, for your rudeness.
    I have been trying to befriend you for months since I have people in Cebu and Leyte
    I own a sari sari store and baboy
    ANd when I finally get your attention you do not even bother to say one single word to me. Gago! YOU hyppicrite! You Banned me! Dindt it occure to you to talk to me to find out why I was up set. NO!
    UNGGOY! You banned me
    SHAME! And you are a so called missionary
    OH BROTHER I hope GOD takes your funding and you come back to America in shame! Becuae thats what you ought to be of yourself. I am upset and needed to talk and I got rude statements and no kindness. SHAME!
    Yes, we're in the Philippines, but thank God we're not in Manila, so we're not affected by the flooding. :)
    He's not in the Philippines silly! Do you think they have pools and slides in the philippines. He lives in a WATER PARK!
    Hi Robo--just a little note to see if you're all right? I certainly hope so. I've been reading some of the headlines and articles about all the storms in the Philippines and was wondering how you've been faring... Hope everyone is SAFE!!!
    Hi brother Robo. How are you? I am having the same issue as Reesegirl below.
    Hey Brother Robo :) just stopping by to say God bless you and your service. Have a blessed Sunday in the Lord
    Sabrina send me chat mail.
    hello robo op. how are you? i have an issue. my friend keeps telling me that he cant get on the website. i told him about this website about a month ago and he said that he cant get on. i wanted to know why? this is his first time getting on here and i told him that this is a good website. he said he tried to use names like godmangod, whoami, and matrix1. i wanted to know why is it so hard to get on here? i talked to stillwaters and trilogic and stilwaters said tell him to make another name and trilogic told me to contact you. trilogic said if his name was andrew something then you wouldnt let him come on but my friend hasnt been on here before. he didnt even know about this website until i told him. can you help me please? thank you
    hi im jasmine im blessed this site but i couldnt use this as simply as i wanted to like to introduce myself..dunu where should i click...cant enter also to plssssssss
    I think it's fixed now. :)
    Hi RoboOp. I can get into the chat room as a guest, but when I try to using my user name, access is denied. I wasn't sure how to report the problem, but I think you are a moderator, so I figured I'd write to you and see if you knew what I should do.

    hi, I am Isaiah from Dominican Republic
    im thrilled to be apart of this forum
    hello im simplyblessed new to the chatroom
    Hi :) hope all is well on your side of the world! Gods blessings <3
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