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    Yes, you can still get a breakfast meal consisting of a pair of breakfast burritos, hash browns and sweet tea!
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    Not certain I understand. Are you talking about things you cannot realistically change but wish you could? Or is the focus on things it is reasonably possible to change? In terms of the former, do I wish I were taller and more handsome? Resounding yes! Photographic memorable? That too...
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    Just cause

    1. Antiquing 2. Retire 3. See number 1 4. Go antiquing with my late Grandfather
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    Crippled, Cannot Work,Cannot Marry, living miserably with sexual desire

    As a lifelong single male approaching 60 whom struggled with many of the same issues as you when at a similar age, I would like to offer some words of insight and encouragement. However, in order to better qualify my response, I thought it would be best to first offer my story: -I do not have...
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    A question for the men...

    - disloyalty -silent treatment -lack of discipline -negative emotions -judging the surface and not looking deep enough to realize a persons true value -smoking
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    How many relationships have you been in?

    Uh, how about none... But first an explanation. I am pushing 60 and as a lifelong single male, I have never had a girlfriend, never dated nor had any female companionship. How and why? It pertains to matters both in and out of my control. In terms of latter, I am a short and homely guy...