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  • Yeah, I actually like Math but I hate thinking xD and this math is making me do what I hate >.<

    That's good to know. Happy for you! Yeah I used to work at a call center and I had a few callers who were very vocal with their appreciation and it always brightened my day. My work now is alright. I'm more excited about graduating and do what I really love.
    I'm doing good. Preparing for finals and tryin' to survive math. Oh that's awesome btw. what do you do?
    Haha your internet got the memo and is now serving you again. I just thought I'd say hi and see how you're doing!
    Haha. Awesome. Happy belated birthday! :)
    Is CC playing tricks, or is it your birthday?

    Btw, I'm heading to bed here now for a few. So if I don't respond I'm probably in dreamland. Took me forever to check your soundcloud cause I was at school lol. But hey it was really great talking to you! And thanks for sharing your awesome music (which is stuck on repeat right now lol).
    Ahhh so that's why there's a happy ring to it. It's great. Actually, I'm playing it from my computer speakers in low volume and the quality doesn't really sound that bad (it's midnight here and having acoustics in the background makes the atmosphere really peaceful lol). If you can find a microphone it'd be cooler!

    I used to do that, record whatever I could think of on my phone and finish it when I get home. But I dunno, maybe I been lazy xD or there's too many things I love doing that I easily forget about it. Lol.

    Ahh, that's good to know, that there are other people out there as random and crazy as me xD Yeah, I guess my housemates don't enjoy it. Most people I know are just too serious! Haha.
    I followed you on Soundcloud! You have a lot of recordings already! Haha. You wouldn't believe this though, I was going through the songs you posted and randomly played "Prince of Peace" - didn't know that was the title of your song on vocaroo! Haha.

    Yeah I should've. I could probably write them again, I can still remember the lyrics.

    And yeah I agree. There's just something about doing what you love! I love... sleeping. JK. I like breaking out into song and at one time, I thought it was normal (having grown up with Disney) 'til I lived with people outside my family. THEN I found out, not everyone randomly breaks out into song while having coffee and looking out into the open. Ya know? :)
    I wrote a few songs when I was in the worship team of my old church but they never really used them anyway, so I just deleted all. I can't really just forget the melody and some of the words though, so I hum the songs sometimes. Yeah, maybe when I have something to share, I'll let you know! Did you consider making a career out of music?
    Ahh, I think that's what makes the music even more relatable, when it has an emo touch. People always get sappy, even if the don't admit it in public :p
    Yes you can record directly via soundcloud (laptop mic). I normally upload mp3s but they have that recording function like the one for vocaroo. It's nice because, at least, the file stays there.

    Yeah, earlier this year I was planning to record my own music and I was starting to build a home, or a bedroom studio, but then, school happened and I ended up selling my recording equipments (not much, just a recording mic with the filter and the stand, and an audio interface for my instrument and logic pro x). So, I'm just basically back to 0 haha. That's why I'm spending more time doing karaoke on Smule (the karaoke app) lol.
    Yes! I played it again and again lol. It IS relaxing. It's kind of emo but not, because it also sounds happy. Idk how to explain it. But I really like the progression. You mentioned, vocaroo recordings expire after some time? Have you tried soundcloud? And lol! So I was not the only one under that impression. I knew a few bass players irl, and I never heard them play lead. Well, there are a few Christian rock songs with really cool bass intro/instrumental part but that was as far as I knew about bass. And it's true lol, I was honestly expecting quarter notes haha and some nifty transition. So when I played it, I was like.. wait this is a bass guitar?! It was really awesome :)
    Wow! I really enjoyed listening to that! You are SO skilled! Lol. The song is also nice. It sounds catchy. There's this acoustic playlist on spotify I listen to when I'm at work (to help lessen the stress lol) and your song can easily be one of them. It's relaxing. But it sounds complicated to play (at least for me, with 0 bass skills). Also, pardon my ignorance, I never knew bass could sound so good solo! I didn't notice any change in the rhythm, prolly because I'm really bad at rhythm anyway. xD Ahh you should record more! I'll be a subscriber haha.
    Haha, it was that obvious? Oh vocaroo! I've never listened to bass recordings before, let me know when you feel like sharing it :p :p :p
    Thanks for the rep xD Hahaha, after much self talk and thinking lol I realised it could be fun. You might wanna try it with your bass, like youtube or something :) thank u tho!
    For someone so young...your faith inspires me. I always find myself in agreement with your posts. I also know your story and your struggle - respect!
    Haha, nice! Yay! I'll add some color.

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