Is boredom an issue in your life?

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Staff member
Nov 4, 2014
My family is torn apart we are a small group and its still fun but i am bored too. I could be calling my sister right now and share ideas and marvel at how brilliant we are. But she has another view right now. She didn’t have to be my sister to be my friend. We need reconciliation. I am really wasting my time. :/
Oh I am sorry to read you are hurting, wanting reconciliation dear poinsetta. I am sending hugs and prayers. I am here, if you want to talk more.


Well-known member
Sep 28, 2019
how much i need a tv is becoming clear. they are like soulmates. except for my partner of course. a mistress then?


Boredom's a funny thing. We all say 'I don't have enough time to do (whatever it is)'. Then when we're bored, we don't do any of those things that need doing!
Like me I'm sitting here reading this thinking: 'I have study to do....I'll do that later cos I need a shower first...oh the Homicide program I like just came on, I'll watch this....gee it looks like it's going to rain...(checks weather on mobile)....yep, rain due in 35 minutes....won't go for that walk just yet, maybe later when it stops raining....I wonder if it's really cold at the beach today?.....oh hang on; I'd better get that other stuff done I need to do on my laptop....oh my show just finished, what a shame....I wonder what else is coming on? I love the History channel!....I must book that work course today for next week, before it fills up, & complete my I need to do any shopping today? (thinks), nah, I'm pretty right for groceries today....better unplug my laptop, and plug the phone in, in case I do go out for a walk....'
And so on.
Now I need a coffee after all that hard thinking ha ha ! ;)


I learned an important lesson. When life seems boring, take a nap. You'll need your energy when life gets interesting again.
My dog taught me that.
My cat lay down on my study books one day and dug her claws in & I couldn't pull her off, cos I'd rip my study books. These were very expenise books. So I went away, had something to eat, watched TV, whatever. When I came back, she looked at me, hopped off the books and wandered away, as she was satisfied I'd had enough of a break!
Our animals are so wise.


Senior Member
Sep 21, 2016
I get bored when I am ill. I can get drained of energy to the point of barely being able to walk. I do rebound and I am grateful but when I am like this, it is very boring. When you watch "The Voice" and you can't follow the plot you know you are ill, lol.
I've learned not to fight it and just rest even if it is not convenient. The biggest thing I've learned is to make a choice. We can either react to life or choose our actions. If life is a little lack lustre then I learn a new skill/craft. Going online and finding writing prompts like first lines is a good challenge to write a story. Finding a writing group gave me something to anticipate, waiting for feedback. Submitting stories also has a bit of excitement (and sorrow), but it keeps things interesting and it is free.
I choose my life, and as always, it is God willing.


Active member
Sep 1, 2019
I use to get board, then I was told boredom is a character defect.... I think that is true. I am a slob.... I tell people I leave cleaning so I always have a something to do if I get board.... I think my family /friends wish I would get board!

Boredom is a state of mind and my mind is usually always busy... So I am always figuring out my minds question(s)... The downside is only pick up the trash in my house on trash days, I have only two weeks worth of cloths so I only wash every two weeks, and do dishes when I run out off all clean dishes and I'm forced to....

But never board!!!


Well-known member
Mar 23, 2019

spicy topic but lackluster at the same time ;)

I struggle with it certainly. It is a curious thing...but also so "boring".


Junior Member
Mar 1, 2018
I use to be bored alot especially on Sunday evening where you are getting ready for work/school the next day.

But it all also has to do, with your relationship with the Lord. The closer you grow to the Lord. The less bored you become because you realise nothing without God can make you happy and satisfied.


Senior Member
Feb 28, 2016
Im not a fan of Tony Robbins but I remember his emphatic put down of someone complaining about boredom.
"Nothing is boring! Only you are boring!"
So i always second guess myself if I ever feel bored.
For Christians just pray when they get bored right?
I feel a lot less bored than when I was young. The young and the restless. 😂 How much of that was sexual tension I wonder.
Am I bored right now?
Maybe..more confused than bored.. I feel distant from JC. Lack of discipline or too much theology?
Cyber life. It gnaws away at you. I need to connect more in my "real" life. Easier said than I say in stout defence. 😁
from the very 'beginning', satan's plan was to create (distractions) 'a separation' from God our Father and us' -
we cannot be 'ignorant' of these devices, simply because they will 'control' us instead of us 'controlling them' -
it doesn't matter whether it is 'tech-hobby-work-sports-any self-indulgence' that spells us away from our
(First Love)!!!
it's simple, 'if you have a priority' that rises above The Love of God, then it needs to be 'corrected' onto
the path of His Holy Order = Joy and Contentment will surely follow'...


I rarely get bored, as there is so much to do and choose and see in life. Many times I've looked at the clock on my computer and it's suddenly nearly midnight, and the day just seems to have gone.
I'm doing lots of study at the mo, and planning on enhancing my studies & my career next year.
You can choose to be busy or to be bored - it is entirely up to you. It's the same with anything really.


Senior Member
Apr 1, 2014
I am easily bored, especially if it’s something that I don’t enjoy doing. It probably has more to do with my attention span, which is moderate but could be better. Again, it’s variable based on my level of interest.

This can obviously be a problem because most important obligations tend to be kinda on the “sitting for a long time and look interested otherwise person will be offended” side. Most times I am interested, but not always.


Well-known member
Mar 23, 2019
I have no idea how to combat boredom without sin other than to involve people in "making life interesting". So many things that can be done, just not solo.

Would totally be a fan of the "Anti boredom league" or ABL for short :D