Ridiculous warning labels

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Senior Member
Sep 4, 2013
Has anyone talked about the Car/Truck Commercials where they offer THOUSANDS in discounts?

In the last few days, I have seen ads for:

Chevorlet Truck offering $8,000.00 in discounts

Honda Car offering $4,500.00 in discounts

Dodge Ram Truck offering $12,000.00 in discounts........

Did it ever occur to anyone that had they priced their vehicles at the rate they can sell them with the discounts, they probably would sell a bunch more and NOT have to discount them? Exactly HOW MUCH profit is built into the Manufacturers Price?

(can you say ripoff? )


Well-known member
Jan 14, 2019
I made a lost pet sign with a picture like this one. For some reason kids stop cutting though my neighborhood and there were no trick or treaters last fall.