Jesus, HE is.................... (Be encouraged.)

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Feb 3, 2018
He lived
He walked

He lived, and he walked ready to fight for us ALL, he lived and walked so we ALL can gain access to his greatness and his beautiful mercy. He lived (living today) and walked this earth to save millions and billions of us, a selfish act and with a loving heart. God gave us a chance with Jesus...

Jesus became our hope but some of us were blinded (and still blind) to see that, we live comfortably in our sins, and the ones who claim to be righteous also do not know God, for their hearts are hardened and cold. Jesus perform many miracles so that people will believe him, God knows how we think we all HAVE to believe something in order to believe it. Jesus started to heal, bring the dead to life, all for our hearts to believe......

Jesus was a human like us, but he had God with him.... God's love and mercy.. God's gentleness,

See... Many people think that GOD is this angry and mean, unloving God.. when is he NOT! He is LOVING and mercy is heart of God.

Each day we wake up we live our lives without thinking about God or even praising him for one SECOND. We forget God when are lives are going GOOD but also remember him when things ARE BAD!

He is here to help US NOW, when we die, we may not get that chance with him, So if you have sins in your heart REMOVE them, if you struggle with forgiveness you do not have too!! SEEK Jesus to heal you.NOW! if we do not forgive, God will not forgive our sins.

Ask AND it shall be given!

If you struggle with depression, CALL on the name of JESUS AND YOU SHALL BE SAVED. He died so you may live!

I began to think about Jesus and him being on the cross and raising the 3rd day and it shocked me when I realized that not only did he die and rose again the 3rd day, but he also went to hell..... FOR US!!!!!!

He went to hell and then went to heaven.. this was not simple, yet a lot of people do not see the POWER IN THIS, Jesus went to hell so we do not HAVE TOO!
Hell is not a place for us, but because of our sins on earth and not believing in Jesus nor repenting WE end up there!

and ONE OF THE BIG LIES THAT SATAN USES IS THE "ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED" LIE... it is a lie, that is calling God to be a liar and it saying God gives us permission to sin, because we are "saved" NOOOOO! repenting is a daily thing!

We have sins that we do not know of, which is why we must ALWAYS repent..

This is the lie people believe........

Get right before the lord NOW, why are people waiting for his return?? ARE YOU READY NOW?

YOU do not know when your last breath will be, repent today, and have a relationship with Jesus today!

he's waiting and waiting for those to come to him... this is a FREEEEEE GIFT.

God, thank you for giving us chances after chances to get right with you,

may you all be blessed,


God made us in perfect


Well-known member
Nov 6, 2018
I don't know how to repent, but at least I know two facts:

Sin is bad and consuming

Only God can fix the problem, or at least the Bible promise that he can