Born Again Speaking in Tongues

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Senior Member
Jun 30, 2015
Yes they are all active today with what we do have. . . the whole revealed will of God , the perfect law sealed up till the end of time.
The gifts Paul notes in 1 Corinthians are not the written text of the Bible.

Some are looking for a alternative source of faith to confirm something .
Who are these "some"? Identify them with quotations please. You accused me of doing this, and have provided no evidence. Now you're dodging and accusing the nameless "some" of the same thing.

Get some integrity; either produce quotations or withdraw the accusations. I do expect you to withdraw your accusation against me, and you have not done so yet.

And yes believers cast them out with the new tongue. the gospel . Not by the toe of their sandals . Not like the disciples they tried to cast them out without the gospel .They refused to vacate the premises'.
It's really better if you don't make comments on subjects about which you clearly know so little.
May 8, 2016
Yes - the way I like to explain it on occasion is that "tongues" are not gibberish - gibberish does not try to mimic real language; glossolalia does.

The "non-cognitive" part of the term "non-cognitive non-language utterance" (NC-NLU) is, as I mentioned, perhaps a bit of a misnomer. I tend to think that the person who coined the term (not me) meant it in the sense that either the speaker isn't really consciously thinking about what s/he is producing, and/or the language producing centers of the brain aren't going to be used all that much in its production (as the often quoted Univ. of Penn. study done several years ago demonstrated). In a way, it's a bit like when you blink your eyes during the normal course of a day; there's no real conscious thought process involved - it's just done. In that sense it can be said to be essentially a "non-cognitive" process. I think that's the gist of the "NC" part of NC-NLU.

I do agree with what you say further above. Yes, definitely - for some 'speakers' it is initially a very cognitive process as they "learn" to speak in 'tongues'. Once they kind of 'get the hang of it', it becomes essentially a non-cognitive (as described above) process.
Agree, and people exposed to "glossolia" are having it modeled to them, part of the learning process.
Aug 27, 2017
Seems to me you are the one with a burr under your saddle. If you have something of consequence to offer feel at liberty to share it with us. You do not rise to the level of meriting anger. Sorry to disappoint.

For the cause of Christ

I suppose it works for cats too