Husband HATES my family

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My parents don't hate him, and he is invited.
Well, then. Looks like you're going alone. Been there; done that. Might do it again.

I still have two advantages -- hubby has chronic insomnia, (just went to bed at 5 AM), and is disabled. Because of that, it was the truth when I told them why he wasn't there. (Couldn't sleep. Didn't feel good.)

And, since I'm disabled too, and have sleeping problems, (got up at 4 AM because I got bored with tossing and turning), sometimes I don't go for the same reasons.


Senior Member
Nov 27, 2017
In our family I was disliked by my in laws. . . . All you can do is continue to pray. I pray you are baptized in the Holy Spirit and FIRE. Then you can pray with the power of the spirit.

Don't preach just love your man and pray. God will work if you don't push. . . . Pray and continue praying. God help you and yours
I like this advice, based upon my two marriage experiences. (Father would always support Mother, and she was so often wrong. Although she really liked my first husband <and she should have -- he was a great man>, when I married my 2nd, 10 years after the first was killed, she was mean and gossipy about him, without reason.)