Satans demons keep attacking me why?

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Senior Member
Dec 19, 2017
Have you ever met a person with a demonic possession problem? They have no memory of what was done while the demon was in their body using it like a puppet. They go out and do drugs, binge drink, rape and kill and leave their victims sitting in prison with no memory of what was done. Yes people do these things on their own accord but there are times when demons are working that person's body. It will usually result with a black out or memory loss of the incident. Do some research and learn more about this please.
Nov 30, 2017
Please help me I am age forty six now from the age of nineteen for the next twenty seven years I have been constant attack on me from Satan’s demons it had robbed me of my whole life and they block every path to stop me from getting on with my life I have never heard of anybody else going through what I’ve gone through why I am going through this please help me.
I had about five visions from God also
Demons attack more frequently when you are doing God's will and spreading the good news of the Gospel. Put on your spiritual armor and grab your sword (word of god) or (Bible). When you should worry is when they are not attacking you. That means your not making any difference on the spiritual plain.


Senior Member
Mar 13, 2014
Satan does not exist and your fears come from nowhere but your own thoughts. Set aside your fears, don't use the terms evil or satin and replace these thoughts with good thoughts and you will be free to enjoy the goodness that is within you. :)-
Something a banished person would write. This post is complete garbage.


Senior Member
Dec 14, 2011
My soul does magnify the Lord,

47 And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour
Mar 11, 2014