Fear of marriage

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Thank you for taking the time to write this out.

And in turn, what is your counter advice to all the men when it comes to budgeting and Godly spending?

I admit I'm slightly smiling, as I was in a chat recently in which some guys were expressing there a lot of excitement about purchasing the Play Station 5.

How would you counsel the guys on this matter?

And what would you say to them if their wife or girlfriend told them they realistically couldn't afford it at this time, and they went out and bought it anyway?
I would tell them to read this thread we have been building today. They can probably relate to most of it and know we are right.

Time to grow up and think about adapting a new mindset.

Sacrifice today and live like a king tomorrow and for the rest of your life, or spend it as fast as you make it and NOT be able to live like a king today (because you don't make enough to live like a king today) and never live like a king, and live like a pauper later for the rest of your life. The clock is ticking. The decision is a no brainer.

They have to see the reality of becoming wealthy by working a plan on the income they currently make. This revelation will motivate them to do it. They can use Dave Ramsey courses, or a financial planner who can give you a long-term plan using your current income to achieve at least $2 million in a tax deferred retirement account that yields 10 % annual interest is a realistic goal.
That means when they retire they can live on $200K a year for the rest of their life.

Once they see on paper how that by saving 15% of their paycheck before taxes in a tax deferred 401K (or equivalent, like a self employed tax deferred retirement account) and how in 30 years they will have at least $2million earning $200K a year to live on, then they will be all in.
They have to see it and believe it. The financial planner will be able to prove to them that it is real. They may have more than 2 million in 30 years, that is a conservative estimate working at Walmart or McDonalds for 30 years, being faithful to 15% of each check directly into savings.

If they are older they may have to settle for less but they can still accomplish a lot in 20 years or even 15. That is the starting place. They have to see the vision and the plan and understand the steps required to get from here to there and they must be convinced that it is a guaranteed successful plan.

The biggest challenge will be getting them educated to the point that it dawns on them that it is a guaranteed success.

They will resist that idea very hard, having heard too many false narratives and sad stories not understanding how compound interest works and they will have to be slowly lead through all their objections until they discover they will be wealthy if they work the plan.

That will be the day everything changes. Once they get it, they will be figuring out ways to reach the financial milestones in the 30 year plan in 15 or 20 by investing more, increasing earnings so that they can invest more, etc.

Getting a good presentation tool to explain this to them would be the first step. Probably Dave Ramsey has something but all financial planners do this for a fee. Probably $250 or less (the cost of a playstation) they will meet with you explain every step and give you a folder with graphs and timelines and details on how to accomplish the goal and you will be able to go online and plug in what if scenarios, like "what if we save an extra $20.00 a month, what will that do in 10 years with compound interest, etc." It will be exciting to talk about it together and come up with ways to reach your goals faster. And they will be as motivated as you. They will be the ones plugging the $300 playstation cost into the financial interest calculater to see what it would accomplish if they put it into the retirement account instead of under the Christmas tree. At least we can dream that they will. :)


Thanks for checking out this thread..I created it many weeks ago..I am surprised it's still going..great to hear so many honest views 👍👍😊
New member, I was navigating some forums.


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Dec 15, 2018
playstation 5? they already had 4 playstations and they want ANOTHER one?!

I'd be like, how old are you?


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Mar 13, 2014
I realize my viewpoints might not be popular, but we are all a product of our experiences, and I know what mine have taught me.
This is a statement of truth. I must say that your vast life experiences, the lessons learned and how you have applied them, with the grace of God, in your life have served you well. You are a well-rounded individual and are making a positive difference in this hard cold world that we live in.