Highschool Years!!!

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Senior Member
Mar 13, 2014
My 50th H.S reunion will be a year earlier. I too have no desire to reconnect.
I was bullied, put down, threatened and disrespected back then.
I have forgiven, but still do not want anything to do with old classmates...
I feel the same way. I have not contacted a single student of my grad class since I left.


Senior Member
Oct 13, 2014
I never went back
Junior year still had some fights and bullying
When i left that school with 10th grade i was happy that i made it without beating any teachers up
11th...was great first but more bullying came along. .im happy when I am done with my accociats degree


Active member
Jul 30, 2018
I like to hear some u adult highschool stories. If you have gone to highschool and what were ur exprience in highschool? Also do u ever plan on going to a highschool reuinon? Were u a shy, nerdy, popular, jock or had any friends at school?
Ew High School...lol

I see it as a quick blur. I literally talk to no one from HS now. No, I didn't go to my reunion and there were only 10 people even there.

I don't really consider myself in any of those categories. I was into music and art a lot so I had "friends" there. I had 1 boy friend or another the entire time. I thought most of the guys were okay, including the popular ones. I didn't hang out with other girls much. They were really catty. I remember literally laughing when a girl made fun of my nose, eye brow...I don't even remember it was that bizarre.

As an adult looking back I honestly think there was a lot of stuff going on behind closed doors in HS. It led to very strange behavior. For example one of the guys I talked to lost his dad to suicide. He was always a little off, but it got to the point I didn't know what he was talking about. Looking back I think a lot of the kids were on drugs too so I could only see the off behavior. I didn't think about it back then bc I didn't do that. Now the school is known for a lot of drugs.

My best friend from college actually graduated early at 16 bc she was home schooled. That's probably what I'll have my son do when he's that age or cyber school. There are just so many options now and it's nice thinking outside of the box.


Sinner saved by grace
May 29, 2018
Anaheim, Cali.
I only went to get a diploma. Didn't play sports or join any clubs. I worked part time and converted a 66 Buick Skylark into a muscle car in the 12th grade.. 430 cubic inches and an 850 Holley carb. Passed everything except a gas station. But gas was only about 35 cents a gallon then.


Sinner saved by grace
May 29, 2018
Anaheim, Cali.
Out of a grad class of about 1100 I may have had 10 friends and 1 girlfriend.


Senior Member
Apr 1, 2014
My high school days were actually really nice! I kinda bounced around the social sphere pretty drastically.

The first couple years I was a super nerd and would wear a fleece cat ear hat. Like in public. Yeah I know 🤣

After sophomore year I decided to distance myself from that crowd because I noticed some of their tendencies were a bit...lewd? Yeah. After that I hung out with the choir kids, which tended to be an awesome combination of all kinds of groups. It was some of the best years of school before college.
Jul 22, 2019
Highschool is definitely a defining time of our lives. I have had some pretty good memories and the experience has helped me shape my life. Though I did not know this back then, it has influenced me tremendously.

But I do wish i had concentrated a bit more on my academics when I had the chance in highschool. I was always late in submitting class work or finished it too late and never had taken much effort into it. Even when I needed help, I was too shy to ask for it. It was only when I am in college that I came to know about these writers https://essaypro.com/custom-essay-writers.html who could help you with any kind of homework. They have made my life a lot easier in my college.

So cherish your life in highschool and do not waste the precious opportunities you would get there.


Active member
Jul 8, 2019
My school days ended two years ago. In those days I made many friends but in the end ended up distancing myself from them because of their bad influences. I was in the bad boys class for those who had given up on their studies, but near the end I got serious about studying and helped others get good grades. My friendships were always project-oriented, I could not keep a relationship without a common goal we worked for together. Eventually they started pursuing evil goals so I had to leave. The best thing about high school was the paper ball fights, I was unbeatable at that. I'd grab 5 balls in each hand and shoot them all in just 2-3 seconds.


Well-known member
Jun 2, 2019
I like to hear some u adult highschool stories. If you have gone to highschool and what were ur exprience in highschool? Also do u ever plan on going to a highschool reuinon? Were u a shy, nerdy, popular, jock or had any friends at school?
welcome to cc and BLESSINGS! Simply put I was a true nerd,when IT WASN'T ON TO BE ONE😉😂😂😂I have always went " my" own way!💖💖💖


Senior Member
May 16, 2014
I went to the 5th worst public high school in California, it was pretty crazy to be honest we had riots and different gang wars on a weekly basis. Back then i spent a lot of time just ditching class doing shady stuff and tagging on the bathroom walls. I wasn't part of any gang but i would often cross out other gangs graffiti or add funny stuff over theirs. Like for example the Crips would write their stuff and say something along the lines of F blood gang. I'd come along and write "F you both" and write something dumb like "Booty gang" and draw a bunch of butts on the wall. The funniest part would be how i would see what i wrote crossed out the next day and they'd be like "F booty gang!" all seriously like it was a legit gang worthy of being responded to lol. I seriously did that for 2 years without getting caught, i ended up switching schools though.

I was pretty popular because i got along with most people, (you really had to if you wanted to survive and live well without being victimized). I have a lot of crazy stories about that school, but most of them have way too much content for cc though.

As for a reunion... I doubt it. Also they changed that school into preparatory academy. I drove past there a few years ago and all of the students had on ties and uniforms, quite the contrast from what it used to be. Also im pretty sure at least half of the people
i used to hang out with are either dead or in prison, so nah i wouldn't want to go.


Well-known member
Nov 22, 2019
I only keep in touch with one friend from high school now. I liked high school and loved some parts of high school (enjoyable classes and band (and everything that goes with band such as going to football games, competitions, band trips, etc.)). I guess I was considered shy but smart in high school, I only basically hung out with a few people. I enjoyed my life right after college more (22-27ish), than either high school or college. I did not and do not plan on going to the reunions. I also quit Facebook recently so I have disconnected from everyone in high school except that one friend.