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  • Lol I am :D Actually, that is a gorgeous car! A vintage Rolls Royce! Excellent choice! :) I used to have a poster of a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost on my bedroom wall when i was a kid. It was similar to that car. :)
    What car?? All I see is a woman in a black dress... :)
    Old link here is the new one....

    Download Free Studio - Download -
    I use this
    Download Free Studio - Download -

    for all youtube/download videos and reconvert it using this program (don''t download the new version as they put watermarks/limits on it).....only d/l this version....

    But it works on my sony tv, tablet etc and vlc works even on just default download but once you convert it, it works better with WMP and sony etc....

    My first suggestion would be to try to convert it and then try streaming it....
    beware though that this program can take a while converting but it's worth the High quality it puts it into :)

    Let me know how it goes! :D
    I'm not sure but NTFS I think should hold more lol I already forgot the file format but ex-fat is for anything above 4 or 8gb I think....

    All that being said I think it shouldn't be an issue unless the media codec can't handle big files....

    You can try the universal media server or try "recoding" the movie file/video
    Maybe windows can't stream it b/c of a codec conflict
    The easy program is....

    Universal Media Server

    and you can stream via ethernet or wifi.....really neat....and simple
    Also idk if you're a nerd like me but there is also a way to get the Win 7 games on W8/10 like minesweeper, solitaire, internet checkers, chess titans etc....and even the Win Xp space pinball game....

    Downloads / Tools by other people / Windows 7 games for Windows 10

    Windows 7, 8 and 10: Install the Classic 3D Pinball Space Cadet Game

    I use these and installed them...they seem to be working fine w/o bugs or spyware stuff.....on W8 at least
    Lol no problem. But yea I just recommended a travel site (travelocity) lol it was a bit weird getting it from someone I didn't know (I thought it might be a troll post lol b/c I got a weird one 2 days before from a person who was banned XD) but hopefully it helped lol :) I think they have the best rates imo for stuff like hotels/flights compared to expedia for example....

    Yea this is what I was talking about for MC for W10 or W8 it works on either (it's a rip of the win 7 MC version but still works)

    Downloads / Tools by other people / Windows Media Center for Windows 10 (genuine)

    Also this program is really cool but make sure you have good memory 8gb at least b/c it does eat up the ram a bit when streaming.....but it works with everything nicely.....I used it on my sony bravia smart tv and even my android tablet and it works great....super easy to setup for anyone...
    Hi Addison, hope everything is going well for you, I just found a way to put windows media center on W8/W10 if you're interested let me know.... :)
    I SAW THIS ON FACEBOOK AND IT GAVE ME CHILLS. Also they changed the movie name, it was Be Our Guest. I CAN'T WAIT!!!
    Oh my gosh. I'm so excited for this. I re-watched beauty and the beast to prepare myself for when this gets released. Not my favourite fairytale (that'd be Mulan) but it's Emma Watson. And singing candle sticks CGI! Nuff reason to love it lol.
    Thank you! :)
    Hey James. Thanks! Though I think it'll take some time before I get a new keyboard. I just sold my old one yesterday (to pay off taxes xD). With school and work going on, I think I'll place music on hold lol.
    I sure would! Heck I was even thinking of uploading it on YouTube #aLittleAmbitiousHere lol but then again, slow as in, I've only played 2 or 3 bars...
    Yes! I started playing River Flows in You last night but I'm a slow reader... like a snail. So it'll take some time to learn haha. But seriously, thank you!
    I downloaded the PDFs last night. And I'm really grateful! Thank you so much!!
    Hahaha that was classic Addy! But hey thanks! I'll give this a try. I thought the music sheet was gonna look complicated so I resorted to YouTube tutorials but now that I've seen it, I think it's much easier to use a music sheet. Thanks a lot!!

    Hey ......this looks familiar! :D
    Thank you Addison!! That was 3 days early!! Hahah but I appreciate it lots. (hug) hope you're having a great day!
    Happy birthday! :D
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