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    Allowed file types

    Would it be possible to also include referencing gifv images from other sites? Even mp4 would be nice as well.
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    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    A billion downloads? Whoa. Intense.
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    PayPal Cash Card

    I got an offer to apply for this the other day by email and I guess it looks interesting. It states that it is not a credit card though, and some weird thing about generating a bar code using their mobile app at one of 20,000 nationwide stores. I'm not understanding the concept. Will I be...
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    Orionid Meteor Shower - October 20th to the 22nd

    "Orionid meteors are visible from anywhere on Earth and can be seen anywhere across the sky. If you find the shape of Orion the Hunter, the meteor shower's radiant (or point of origin) will be near Orion's sword, slightly north of his left shoulder (the star Betelgeuse)." The shower will peak...
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    Firefighters praise God with perfect worship hymn before battling California wildfire

    Firefighters from American Samoa who were reportedly called in to help battle the California wildfires prepared to fight the blaze by singing an acappella version of a Samoan Christian hymn as they approached the staging area — and the stunning moment was captured on video. Video length...
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    Online Reflex Test

    Okay. So this is just something very stupid to do for a short minute. Take the quick test and post your result. I'm curious as to who has the fastest overall time here on CC. My five turn average was 246 milliseconds, slightly slower than average. :( Here's the linky...
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    See what the eclipse will look like from your zip code

    Click on the animation thingy and enter your zip code to see what it will look like where you live. :o
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    Can anyone help me find a place to live?

    Hiya everyone. Only someone serious or really good at this please. I'm currently living in Lansing, Michigan and I'm willing to drive maybe six or seven hours from here, but I guess that I could go anywhere if it looks good enough. Near lake Michigan would be nice, or preferably somewhere...
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    Easiest way to edit a pdf file?

    Hey. So I have several applications that were emailed to me. Rather than print them off at the library and hand mail them back, I was wondering if I can do all of this digitally. I've looked online for quite some time and I'm not finding an easy way of doing it using a Windows machine...
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    Ruin a date in just four words

    This thread is a little spin-off to Presidente's "Appropriate thing to say on a first date?" I'll start it off..... "Hi, I'm your date".
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    Looking for a passage in the New Testament

    Hi. I was once told that there was a man who prayed to Jesus and that very much angered Him at the time. Does anyone know of the verse that this occurred and perhaps any context of why Jesus didn't want such authority? Ever since I was scolded on the relationship I had with Christ, I've felt...
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    What kind of speakers do I need?

    Hey. So the computer monitor I use has a passive headphone port in the back, with no other audio outputs. It sounds great if I do use headphones but I would like to use stereo speakers if possible. If I connect that audio port to my computer speakers which also plugs into an outlet for power...
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    Money from YouTube

    Hey all. So I have a lowly YouTube channel. Looking at the analytics of this, it currently has 5,180,353 watch time minutes with an average viewing duration of 26:03 minutes. 198,825 viewers and a very simple 527 subscribers. Any chance I could get a little bank for these numbers? If so...
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    Care Credit

    Hiya. Is there anyone here that has used the following online service provider? I've been using the wrong insurance for at least the past 25 years or more and paying greatly every month with no reason of ever using this. My current health coverage only kicks in if...
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    I really goosed myself today.

    I have no idea what I was thinking. This is not even remotely like myself and I should have known better. I'm so ashamed right now. :( Anyway, I tried to refinance my student loans with an agency. I wasn't in default, or had any problems with payments, but the offer given was something I...