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  • Brother Robop yesterday my computer was upgraded, and when I opened my pc to log in at CC, I couldn't, I got a message that says: Sorry, an error has occurred.
    The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. To obtain a new installer file from the application author.
    I unstall the app and installed it again and having the same issues, any suggestions?
    thanks, Brother
    Thank you, again for this platform. I thank my Lord for you, boss Brother.
    On the Next Up Date, Could we have a AMEN button, on those Roboop's Reactions?
    also, how about two hands praying?
    glad you made it in, was a little concerned, thought you might have had a flat tire or something,
    hope all is well with you and yours...:)
    Greetings Friend, thank you for sending us an 'attention notice' about 'down-loads' -
    just to let you know, we are still in and will probably continue to stay in the dinosaur'
    age of technology - we don't own a cell-phone, our electronics consist of a land-line,
    and our old, used computer' - but TY for thinking of us...
    hope all is well with you and yours...
    dennis and joanna
    Hey Robo, I look forward to getting your response to my "Business proposal" :)
    deeabs the better way to contact me is the little mail icon in the upper right beside the bell icon
    Hi, I can't any posts. Every time it tells me that I don't have permission to make posts. What's up with that? Can you please assist with this? Thank you.
    Sherril the better way to contact me is the little mail icon in the upper right beside the bell icon.

    Regarding reactions, if you're on a computer, you don't click the thumbs up, instead you just hover your mouse over it and wait a second, and then you will see all the reaction choices.
    hey I hovered over it it just shows a thumbs up....ty robo for your help
    ps robo let me know you have seen my post ......I desire to be able to use the reactions.....thanks in Christ Sherril....
    hi Robo, in my reactions at 1st I was able to use diff responses, then it now only lets me do thumbs up as the only choice on pictures and post, unless its already been used by someone else I can hit what they have sent like a love..I would love to do more loves and smiles that would be nice not sure where the glitch is but if you can it would be awesome..oh and I cant give awards in Christ Sherril
    i have problem on login in to the christian chatroom.
    what should i do?
    it say :"no such username"
    my last username was "smhhf" and you delete it if you remember.
    Sir, please add to the list of information of CC users their country of origin. I mean we can see it right away like we can see the date when he joined, the number of his posts, reactions and points. thanks.
    Hello Friend, I found my 'password', so all is well...we know that you will work out
    all of the kinks soon, we thank you very much...change is good, when it's steps
    lead us where our Heavenly Father desires...hugs...
    hi Rob, my phone app has stopped working, i cant log in, please help. Thank you.
    I can't log into any of the Christian chatrooms. the same thing happened last time .RoboOp can you please look into my account and see what issue is, it might be a glitch
    my app too has stopped working, i cant log in anymore.
    i cant find chat room
    There was a recent situation where people ganged up on a guy calling him numerous names and then they had the audacity to complain on him ... Icetech was his name ... I was witness to this tag teaming that was performed on him ... Can you please explain to me why he was banned, when it was the others doing "all" the name calling ? ... It was in a thread called "why women are not to preach" ... I would just like to know why he was banned because I saw the whole thing and he was treated very unfairly by some not so nice people ...

    Thank You,
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