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    Facial hair! What do you think?

    My guess.....37-44. :)
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    Do you sometimes just don’t feel like talking?

    I work with children. I feel like this most days about 5 o'clock! 😉
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    Facial hair! What do you think?

    Facial hair on men? Yes please! (Well kept of course!)
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    Caption This

    What is seen cannot be unseen!!
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    Caption This

    I thought it might be fun to post pictures and see what people come up with for captions. 😁 Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to start the post with a picture because for some reason, my phone doesn't let me post pictures sometimes. 🙁 Anyone have a good one to start us off?!
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    Show and tell

    Thanks Lynx 😀
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    Did Jesus ever tell us that we no longer need to keep the law of Moses?

    I believe that when I came to faith in Jesus Christ he forgave me of my sins past, present and future. That being said, when I know I've messed up I do tell him I'm sorry. 😀
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    Foods wrongly described!

    I don't like it when someone describes the flavor of some meat as "gamey" Ew. "Try it. It's so good! Kind of like (insert what they THINK it tastes like) but gamey-er (? Spelling) Sorry, but that does not make me want to try it. No thanks! 😝
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    Random game.

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    Random game.

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    Random game.

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    Greatest pick up line ever!

    I know a certain CC'r that would fall for this one 'hook, line and sinker'. 😂😉
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    I find that when my heart is at rest in Jesus, change can actually be exciting. What is it you have for me in this season Lord? What can I learn here? ❤