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    Is Catholicism the Oldest Christian Faith?

    The problems with denominational separations, whether Catholic or any other, is that they go about to establish their own "faiths" and doctrines. Ephesians 4: 4-6. states that THE CHURCH is the Body of believers baptized into the body of Christ, which is spiritual, and not an institution here on...
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    Are the words Spirit and Soul used interchangeably in scripture? Is man bipartite or tripartite?

    The SOUL is simply that part that encompasses the emotions: tenderness pity, compassion etc. and, or, their counterparts or opposites. The SPIRIT encompasses the will, heart and intellect. To put simply, the right spirit is one that makes right DECISIONS, to please God. Honorable, or otherwise...
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    How do I grow in God? Like in Heb. 6: 1-3.

    Many, if not most Christians think of their conversion now as the finish line, but as Hebrews 6: 1-3 states, it is the STARTING line. After being saved, spiritual growth in righteousness is required. The world, the flesh and the devil are determined adversaries. There is warfare ahead, that is...
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    How do I grow in God? Like in Heb. 6: 1-3.

    Babes in Christ, to saints.
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    The Fruit of the Spirit “Agape Love” - The God Kind of Love

    Most, if not all of the new or modern translations of the Bible change the word CHARITY to the word love. To love is TO DO rightly. Charity is the new nature inside, and when matured, promotes or carries out ACTS of love. In verse three of 1Cor. 13, an example of "acts of good" or love, but...
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    Three Gods or one? Explain the Trinity.

    Perhaps some clarity here. It would seem the main stumbling block is that Jesus is a "member" of the Trinity, which of course he is. But what most do not seem to grasp is John 1: 14 wherein the verse tells us that the word(s) of God were made flesh. Therefore, Jesus is God's words but in a flesh...
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    What does 'Repent' mean ?

    Listen, one cannot win souls for Christ unless the sinner sees his NEED for excepting him. Acts says it in this way: "Testifying both to the Jews, and also to the Greeks, REPENTANCE toward GOD, and FAITH toward our Lord Jesus Christ". Unless our sins are pointed out, (have you ever lied, stole...
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    What works will be accepted at the "Judgement Seat Of Christ?" Why was the unprofitable servant cast into the outer darkness (Matthew 25: 14-30)?

    Not so. The text says he WAS A SERVANT of the Lord, but without any works of righteousness. James warns of the same thing, "For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith, without works is dead also". In other words, God requires interest in what he has invested in us. A tree that does...
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    What works will be accepted at the "Judgement Seat Of Christ?" Why was the unprofitable servant cast into the outer darkness (Matthew 25: 14-30)?

    The attitude is most important " Luke 18: 17. "Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the Kingdom of God AS A LITTLE CHILD shall in no wise enter therein". Therefore, the heart, being the seat of the emotions, and intents, it stands to reason that excepting Christ involves more than...
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    "God loves everyone" - false

    The "any" and "all", refer to the human family generally. Repentance and faith are the keys to salvation, of which verse 9 sums up who is being spoken to. 1st. Timothy 2: 4 also agrees with God's desire that all unsaved people be converted, "Who will have all men to be saved, and come unto the...
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    The Natural Man

    The "natural man" is anyone not having his or her spirit regenerated. After this conversion, the indwelling Holy Spirit teaches, corrects and guides that person into spiritual truths. 1Cor. 2: 11-16. Thus, the "natural man" is that person who is NOT regenerated. Do not confuse the "flesh...
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    Does Romans 6:11-13 mean the law is not abolished?

    Only the PENALTY for sin, (spiritual death), has been abolished, (for the believer), not the Law itself. Romans 3: 31.
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    Speak Your Mind.

    Thoughtful sayings: "Fruits represent the CHARACTER of the tree". Good communication is: "To listen to understand, not to reply". Perfection, (Biblical) the state of spiritual excellence". "When the flesh suffers, the spirit matures". "Good sermons offend bad behaviours, not people". "To...
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    Too late after our death?

    Rom. 7: 12. The Law is HOLY, JUST and GOOD". The PENALTY for breaking the Law (sin) is what kills, not the Law itself. Our disobedience to the Law is what gets us in hot water.
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    The Biblical Resurrection

    Read 1st. Cor. 15: 42-55. KJ Bible.