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  • I'm confused... But ok lol
    You can't write her cuz you haven't found her yet lol. Take a break from cupcakes. Love song is gone for the next few days anyways.
    How is your job search going? Any luck yet?
    I to like rainbows, here where i live moutains then a rainbows comes up across the moutain sky, so beautyful, just had share about rainbows, have safe fourth july wk end, sorry im sixtyone , my profile name,blessings.
    Have a wonderful trip! You will be missed.
    Hers is not the hand that I want to win.
    You are very committed to the cupcake wars! :P. Wrestle well and you may win Lovesong's hand lol .
    At this time I will concede in the cup cake war. I believe that it must be obvious who the winner is. I am so looking forward to the frosting wrestling competition. I will be playing for keeps and I will take no prisoners. Maybe someone will take me prisoner.
    Thank you so much for your kind words--very much appreciated. I always find the experiences you share here to be valuable lessons for the rest of us. Keep posting! Blessings to you!
    I have absolutely no clue what that's supposed to mean. Try speaking more directly.
    Am I serving drinks now? :P
    What do you mean it will self destruct in 30 minutes? You're making me worry.
    It is definitely storming here today: heavy rains, thunder, lightning and all. :)
    I look forward to reading your story :). And it's a beautiful day here, definitely gonna spend time out in the sun.
    Bring flowers. :). What kind are you gonna bring?
    We should chat sometime and talk about deep stuff. It'd be fun. :)
    Are you snatching my rainbows? D: I guess I can share :P
    Sorry I haven't had much time to write you a decent letter, but will do so over this weekend :)
    You barely know me yet you shower me with encouraging words. Thank you! I hope I can do the same for you.
    Thanks so much! I'm very sorry for your loss... I sincerely hope you find comfort in hanging out with us here. Keep posting! :)
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