Blue names for male members and Pink names for females (like before)

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Senior Member
Mar 13, 2014
Perhaps adding a “M” or “F” after ones user/customised title.

For example mine, “Daughter of the True King • F”.

You probably can add their age too but of course over time it would have to be updated because of peoples birthdays.

Just a suggestion:)
There is already an option for the age but the whole exact birthday including the year of birth must be entered. A lot of members just list the day of the birth probably because it says "birthday". Once entered it cannot be corrected or updated except by a mod. If you scroll down on a members name there will be a cake with candles stating the age for those that entered the exact date of birth.

I prefer the old format where it was mandatory to list your sex, it was color-coded, along with the exact date of joining without the year cut off and the longer screen names were not disjointed. I prefer the square shape avatar too as the circle one cuts off a lot of the detail. The number of posts was prominently listed as well as the rep power.

I miss the rep power system as the trophy system is meaningless as you can only accumulate 113, and this is without any other members input. A lot of peeps accumulated 113 trophy points within an hour into the new format.


Well-known member
Sep 20, 2018
Me being sarcastic is Christian?

Thanks :)
No, my hostility towards providing any category other than male or female to identify a person's gender.

Quite welcome.