I bet you've never....

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Majestic Llamacorn
Sep 17, 2013
I read a novel a day for an entire 7 days before I started working full time .


Folksy yet erudite
Aug 13, 2014
"What is the sound of one hand clapping?"

"That is the sound when I slap my enemy on the face."


Staff member
Nov 4, 2014
I dissected a turtle in hopes to discover the cause of death which I did. As I forced the poor baby open and watched the last heart beats, I immediately realized...

The cause of death = dissection.

I will always feel bad for that helpless creature who was in the hands of an ignorant student.

I studied walking stick bugs in college.

Oh and in junior high I entered and won a talent show doing a shields and yarnell robot skit. It was pretty bad but I'll never forget how fun it was.


Senior Member
Jun 30, 2015
I read a novel a day for an entire 7 days before I started working full time .
I read a novel in a day... once. I would happily read the same book again, but it was misplaced and, as it was a limited run, cannot be replaced.


Well-known member
Oct 5, 2018
Lets see...Ive written a few books (none published) I draw comics but the art is terrible. Ive had 3 Heart Surgeries before the age of 30. Ive made my own card game (actually two but both kinda went under) ...Im also 30 with zero accomplishments haha beat that 😎


Senior Member
May 16, 2014
In High-school i stole a wallet from out of a substitute teachers purse when she wasn't looking, i went through it, found only 1 dollar with about different 12 cat pictures in it. I put a 20$ inside, tossed it back into her purse, and didn't speak about it until just now.
She to this day still probably never found out where that money came from.

I felt bad because she legit had 12 cats at home, and the fact that she dressed them up and kept their individual pictures in her wallet, that's pretty sad, most people put pictures of people in their wallets. There wasn't a single human in any of those pictures, and the fact that she had just 1 dollar in there. That plus she was nice to me and the rest of the students, and she didn't really do anything to deserve having anything stolen in the first place.. So yea i had a change of mind and made a donation instead.


Senior Member
Mar 13, 2014
"What is the sound of one hand clapping?"

"That is the sound when I slap my enemy on the face."
Technically, that would be slapping rather than clapping. Somethin' in the bible 'bout turning the other cheek but that wouldn't apply to clapping and would most likely be disregarded regardless.


Well-known member
Apr 15, 2019
When I was 12 my dad let me back up his car. He was standing beside me and was motioning for me to back up. when he motioned to stop. I firmly stepped on the brakes. Except that it was not the brakes. I pushed the throttle to the floor and ran into him.

His knees were messed up for a while, and mostly got better, but at times they hurt him still.


Senior Member
Oct 11, 2013
Sang live on the radio with a Christian group once.

Was on TV once as a kid.

Scrapped the popcorn off my downstairs ceiling sanded and painted it.

Built my daughters youth bed from scratch with my own made up instructions in my head....cut a heart in the headboard and rounded both headboard and footboard. I always said necessity is the mother of invention.... The little bed reminded me of the three bears story - Papa bear, Mama bear and the wee little baby bear....

Helped buy a home church in Lithuania by donation and getting other people to donate in less than 6 weeks with God's help. We collected extra money for Bibles for the same church.

Drove from Kentucky to Oklahoma alone with a black kitten in my 20's.


Honor, Courage, Commitment
Jun 25, 2017
I've run 21 marathons...
I've fathered an Angel disguised as my daughter who has become a triple threat in Musical Theater and a heart to serve HIM
I've trained and coached my oldest son to 8 Jr National Judo Championships
I've coached my youngest son to compete at the Nat'l level in three sports and become a High School State Wrestling Champion to get recruited to wrestle at D1 College


I read a novel in a day... once. I would happily read the same book again, but it was misplaced and, as it was a limited run, cannot be replaced.
I’ve done that a couple of times. One was the Hobbit. I think I read it in one sitting. That was a bit of a surprise since it took many three or four attempts at never getting past Bree in LOTR before I finally read the whole thing. I prefer the writing style of the Hobbit.

The other was the last Harry Potter book. That took me about 8 hours, but my job at the time had tons of down time for that sort of thing.

I don’t read much fiction anymore. Maybe I should fix that.


Oh, I forgot to reply to the main topic. I can’t really think of anything odd the roof of my head except moving a lot. Like we had lived in 5 places by the time I turned 5, and I went to three different schools in two states during kindergarten.


Well-known member
Dec 23, 2018
One time I ............ then there were................... I was right in the......... couldnt believe my luck really.........
bottom line up front, Im fortunate to be alive.