Where are all the real men?

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Aug 20, 2011
All the real men have become celibate and dedicated their lives to God


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Jan 21, 2011
any man who can prance about wearing a green tutu shouldn't be questioned about their manliness.
There can be no question, can there, Phoenixfire :D
Real men be like Jesus.
They do like Jesus, too, showing no fear around others though fear abounded in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus was in human body submission, he was overcome with real tears cried (of blood), he was trying to get out of dying on the cross (take this Cup from Me, Father). But Jesus knew to be a real man he had to be strong, face the music of the night, be going through unbearable pain His being did not deserve, afterall, Jesus was a perfect human. So, 'the cup' words do not end above but with'....not My will but Thy will be done.'

They be like David, too, who had a contrite heart after sinning with Bathsheba.
They do like David , too, who knew God was with Him, on trust, David volunteered to defeat the giant man, with just a sling and a few stones. David cried to God when His (sin) child to be born was told by Nathan the prophet, 'The child will die shortly after birth.' Once the child was dead, David mourned no more, he trusted God the grief felt would be met with a great something IF he stayed fast to the faith --he believed in-- through it all. God brought David another child, the richest man to walk the Earth back then, a man of noble, wise words, a son named Solomon. :)
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May 2, 2012
but God made a woman from the man's ribs to be a mate to the man....so that alone stuff sure is loney Bjorn lol. Not a path I wanna walk
Apr 10, 2012
As Ritter "busted" timbo, this thread proves that maybe in the past men (and also women) had more moral and ethic values. Men used to be gentlemen, and used to respect women. Also women used to act nicer and more "ladylike" and respect everyone. I think both men and women are losing moral values, they don't respect eachother anymore, when I see teenagers all they want is to be like their rock "idol" or celebrity "star" they don't respect their parents or other friends, they mock other children. The worst thing is that TV is the worst example for teens and children, it shows that values are for "nuns" or "old boring people".
The consequences of this are lack of self-steem, increase of suicides, sex at earlier age, and destroyed families.