Will Receiving Negative Feedback Discourage People from Posting and Participating in the Forums?

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Senior Member
Jul 3, 2015
Well here's a perfect opportunity if I ever did see one! :D

Hi Desdichado,

I saw that you gave my posts 2 "Dislikes" and 1 "Disagree" in this thread, so I was wondering what your thoughts are on the subject. :)

I would be interested in hearing your opinions whenever you have a chance.
Even the zzz counts as a negative reaction :cry::unsure::whistle::whistle::whistle::unsure::cry:


Daughter of the True King
Mar 28, 2018
Doesn’t really bother me if I get a thumbs down or dislikes, I’ve already accumulated a few of them.....


Senior Member
Jul 12, 2015
Negative feedback may be used by the devil to discourage a lot of people who are still baby Christians not to talk about their faith in CHRIST and to express themselves. But I say, never be discouraged by anyone to talk and express your Faith in CHRIST. Hold on to GOD'S WORD and anything contrary to it is evil and never accept it.
However to me, negative feedbacks and criticism are good because all things work together for me good.


Senior Member
Jul 19, 2014
Philippines Age 40
Dislikes are useful. I noticed those who got too many dislikes already got banned.

It will not bother me. Let people express themselves more clearly. At least the haters will be revealed.


Senior Member
Jun 30, 2015
Thumper had some good advice on this matter...

I prefer to either decide if something is worth addressing, and addressing it respectfully but directly, or worth letting go. Negative, unconstructive feedback is worthless.


Des gave me a little red kiss, soooo romantic. Ha ha


Notorious Member
Jan 12, 2016
Now I wish I could give myself a thumbs down.


Senior Member
Jan 20, 2011
Well i will see negative feedback as time for me to recheck muself n do life reflection.
Thingking if maybe its right or not and become better and better everyday for God and others.


Good morning, Everyone! :)

Like everyone else, I am trying to figure out all the new beeps and whistles of the new system. :)

One major change I'm sure everyone has noticed is the ability to now give out things like dislikes, angry faces, and even a big pile of poo in response to someone's post or thread.

For anyone who remembers the old rep system--when I started on CC in 2009, there used to 3 categories of rep that you could give someone: green (positive), gray (neutral), or red (negative.) Eventually, all that was left was green or gray, but then the gray only occurred when you were given rep by someone who didn't have any rep points to give you.

I know the rep system was occasionally used by some to give anonymous negative feedback or even abusive comments, and there was a member I used to correspond with here who pretty much gave up posting anything because people were anonymously telling him that his posts were "boring" and "a waste of time."

I'm glad to at least see that if someone does choose to give negative feedback in the form of a symbol, the system will show you who gave it.

But I also have to wonder, will the prospect of receiving 34 dislikes, 18 piles of poo, and 14 counts of erroneous spelling discourage a sincere member from continuing to post or trying to write threads?

I'm not criticizing the new system at all--there are several things I think we're all going to like once we get the hang of it, and I'm thankful to the administration for all their hard work.

But I also had to think about the fact that for many people, negative feedback totally shuts them down, and many just seem to give up trying (please forgive the fact that I am not on Facebook, so options like this are new to me, seeing as CC is about my only source of social media.)

Personally, if I wrote a thread that received a record number of dislikes and a whole mountain of poo... Chances are, I would most likely just go ahead and write a Part 2 sequel to the original thread because I'd be thinking, "Wow, this is a subject that people must really be passionate about, so I'd like to see it discussed from several different perspectives."

How about the rest of you?

* Do you find negative feedback on social media sites such to be harmful? How do you cope with it?

* What would you do to channel the negative feedback into positive actions you can take in your life?

* Do you think the capacity to give and receive feedback to posters will discourage people from posting?

Of course, I know that not everything in life is rosy and if you are doing anything worthwhile in life, chances are you are going to meet opposition. But how can we all overcome the negativity and turn it into something positive and productive?

Once again, I am not trying to criticize the new format at all--I would just like to hear your thoughts about how you think some of the new changes will affect our community.
No, my mission is to rack up as many negative reactions as possible.


Senior Member
May 26, 2015
I just read this thread :oops: late response for sure :ROFL:
i was wondering about this topic lately because i personally typical "thin" skin :censored:
those negative feedback will get my nerve into my real life :rolleyes:
i like to read and read everything before posting.. sounds crazy but its real :ROFL:
i learning to have "thick" skin now.. and still in the process for that.. if its a good criticism to makes me better in the future i'll listen BUT if its just hurtful words from troll.. i try to ignore.. "try" :p LOL
Mar 11, 2016
They would probably make me think for sure. Maybe I'll get to reflect about what caused the negative feedback. If it's constructive and makes sense, I'll probably take note of it for my future posts.

But of course, if they're from people without credibility it wouldn't bother me at all. They could be doing it to troll, to get attention or just want to make others miserable because they already are lol.

If it's from my friends or people I look up to, then I'll most likely give it a thought.

People's opinions don't define us, it's who we know we are and I know and am secured in my identity in Christ. But I'm also human so, negative feedback definitely will make an impact, may be big or small, but won't be enough to discourage me from doing things I like, in this case, participating in the forums.