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    Whatcha Cookin'?!

    That's what I thought seoulsearch.. then, upon a close inspection, I thought it could also be those small gold potatoes, no?
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    Whatcha Cookin'?!

    What's the yellow stuff in the center?
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    How do you know if singleness is for a season or lifestyle?

    Telltale signs? Not sure about telltale signs but it is interesting how God did put Adam through two things after He said it's not good for a man to be alone instead of bringing Eve right away: (1) He brought out all the animals to see what Adam would name them (and perhaps make him realize...
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    Impeaching Trump: Attempt Two

    it's simple. they know what's coming and they are in panic.
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    Help with daughter

    That would be the case, asking her if everything is okay, in a typical family situation. BUT, the Op stated that she is seeking advice because her grown daughter is VERY disrespectful of her, meaning this is more likely not an isolated incident but an on-going situation. Asking if everything is...
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    Help with daughter

    Never been married so I have no idea what it is like to have one of my kids disrespecting me like that (well, I have a pretty good idea what I will do, anyways). Just reading off of your post, my first thought was maybe you are supporting her behavior unknowingly. It's your house so it is your...
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    Keeping a Christian life while working in a non-christian environment

    And.. one more thing, keep where you work to yourself - no need to share it here.
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    Keeping a Christian life while working in a non-christian environment

    I think most people do work in a non-Christian environment so I believe this is fairly common. I believe it is pretty straight forward: You will be fine as long as you have your daily relationship with God and do your job faithfully/diligently while keeping boundaries with things that you know...
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    Are You More Attracted to the Happy-Go-Lucky Type, or the Tortured Soul?

    Happy is probably not the word I'm looking for but someone who knows how to be content in all situation. Also, I need to let cinder know that I'm a typical non-crisis oriented type; I do love and enjoy my life. Lastly, I'm attracted to the one I am attracted to (I don't think I can truly...
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    Lets laugh together!

    They were about to be swatted and then told Noah, "your blood is running through my body..."
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    How hard is it now days to get married?

    I do get what you are saying - it has become harder to find success story (or only the failed marriage story makes the news), and I believe the divorce rate is different for Christian couples (I know there are contradicting numbers out there regarding the divorce rate within Christian community...
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    How hard is it now days to get married?

    Not trying to be argumentative but singles trying to get married, finding out first hand how easy/hard to get married should provide better feedbacks to the Op's inquiring mind. Personally, I think this is a better time to get married because of what is going on in this world - it will reveal...
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    Who will Win

    Donald J. Trump.
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    Seeking Clever Acronyms for Post Election Support Group Names

    ITALCFSTP. I'm Thinking About Leaving ChristianChat For Saying Things Prematurely
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    what is it like to be priveliged?

    Why would you wonder about what it's like to be priviledged, i.e., rich people never really knowing sorrow or heartbreak but only rich people's problems like how to spend their forture, in the first place? For real? And you think it must be a nice problem to have? I am grateful for the...