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  • Hi!! I just saw your visitor message from april lol. I don't know why it didn't notify me... or maybe I got it confused with one of the fundraiser notifications... sorry. :rolleyes:
    I enjoy your posts very much and pray for God's best for you. I believe you mentioned once that you have a young daughter. I pray also that God watches over her too.
    This is Amos from Nigeria, West Africa. I wish to be your friend. I am 57 years old man. I saw your profile on www.Christian and interested. I am God fearing, honest, humble with sense of humour. I am a committed christian. I have full commitment for friendship. I am Asst. Chief Executive Officer in the Federal Government Establishment here in Nigeria. My hobbies are: writing, making friends, travelling etc. My weight is 75Kg while my height is 1.80cm respectively. I hope that we can be friends. If you are interested, please write back so that we can begin to share more about ourselves in the next mail or if you are on WhatsApp? Please send me your number so that we can chat. Thanks and God bless you.

    Email: [email protected]
    WhatsApp: +2348128263995
    LOVE the new picture. You are stunning! <3
    you rock :)
    Hey L... it's going well. Busy at work, relatively relaxed otherwise. Enjoying the cold weather... I don't need to mow, and it hasn't been snowing much so little shoveling. No complaints! How are you?
    I love you too. Thank you for always being such a wonderful person. :)
    I think I should check my page a little more often I suppose when you are ready and I'm on line ,we may get around to it ok
    God bless you sister in abundance, glad you found value !!
    Do you know anything about Sheol
    So glad to hear from you, LH :) Will pray for your quick healing.
    Hi Lighthearted. Hope you are doing ok (again lol)
    How are you? Hope you are doing ok.
    Love the new pics!!! You look great. :)
    I haven't studied dispensational theology, so no opinion on it. :)
    Yea...fence posts don't have ears...too bad :/
    Guess that's why tongues isn't for everyone huh?
    Agreed! At least one of those individuals is about as teachable as a fence post. :)
    Hey, thanks for the rep! Good to meet you, Brandy. Jill from the East Coast :).
    Hello, beautiful sister LH! :) Thank you so much for the welcome. I'm so glad to have you here as well... Love your sense of humor! :D Hope you're having a good week and it's great to see you, too. <3
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