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    Should men be able to express themselves in a relationship?

    The bible was written by men. About a god refered to as father. With a child known as a son. So why would a Christian woman assume men do not contain the full spectrum of emotions. What you mean to say is why dont men express emotions like women? Or emotions approved by women. Also no, women...
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    Jezebel Spirit

    The irony of claiming to b christian yet protesting the use of the term jesebel spirit. Like the bible does not use men as examples of what not to b? "Jesebel spirit? I dont know what your talking about she died thousands of years ago. Never met a jesebel spirit in my life if they ever did...
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    Fear of marriage

    Its comical to hear people say men doing the dishes will make a relationship work. Women are not craving bus boys and janitors. Every study ever done the more house work a man does the more chance of divorce. Women grow to disrespect men who do house work. Its as ignorant as me saying women who...
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    End Times?

    When i found out what abortion was i realized god is only going to allow this go on so long. And hes allowing it. The corona virus vaccine has cloned aborted children in it. Not a complicated moral decision. 100 years ago people would have seen right through this stuff. Were definitely...
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    single sex schools

    What was the exact time frame you are talking about when only boys were allowed to go to school? Im really confused. Typically if anyone dropped out of school it was the boys to help the father farm. And yes public schools are ces pools of sex. A girl i dated was a senior and said 43 freshmen...
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    I should have grown up. Now I am 30 years old with no direction in life and no clear decisions.

    Worse things to have in life besides introspection. Dont beat yourself up to hard. You just dont know how hard everyone else is failing. Im at that point where i meet a guy who has it all on the outside and think that poor sob. 30 is not old. Take little steps like so small they are comical.
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    A question for the men

    Jay leno used to have a skit where they showed women mens eyes and asked what so you think of him. They would say oh seems like a jerk and it would b a make model. The next oh he seems nice and it would b sadam Hussein! Masks cover nearly all human emotion and its tough espeically for women who...
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    A question for the men

    Im sure plenty of men have given you the tingles. Its kind of exciting meeting someone your attracted to. Im not trying to flame your post. Its gone down a lot since every woman i see is wearing a mask:(
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    A question for the men

    Interesting question. Are you asking because you do not have human emotions?
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    Unhappily Never After.

    My goals in life were to get a job and get drunk. I accomplished both. Then one day got other goals.
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    what is it like to be priveliged?

    Lanolin you havent met enough people. I have worked for multiple businesses that the father built and are leaving to the son and worth over 100mil i would easily guess. Every body in my family makes great money my father is a multimillionaire and that does not even mean much anymore in america...
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    Which is more important looks or personality?

    Because i am a man. I bet your next statement is gender is a social construct?
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    Which is more important looks or personality?

    And thats exactly what i said there are more differing factors for judging men. I never said men have a wide array of qualities they are looking for in women. They want a handful of basic things. Maybe you didnt read my comment instead read your own emotions.
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    Which is more important looks or personality?

    Looks. Honestly who wants to b stuck in a home or relationship with someone they are not attracted to? But im not saying looks and just throw away personality. Or thats all that matters. Ive met very few women who are unattractive but have just great personalities that i would find them...
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    Why do Christians support Trump?

    I am A political. I have seen and researched thoroughly how the republican party has betrayed christianity and it not run on or gain christian principals. However the democrat party is open satanism. Research the church of satan and they have no differences. Watched lisa ling investigation on...