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  • Yeah, we told them about our carpet, but they never did anything. We could probly get in contact with some public agency in the city to help, but I just bought a carpet and now were gonna lay it down ourselves : p
    And its a concert by one of the bands my favorite musician writes for. I was excited to see it, my friend was gonna go with me too. Might not happen though, unless I can still get tickets this friday.

    And I dont hate anime or anything btw, just dont give much time to tv watching : p I did like it when I was younger and my little brother watched it. I would watch with him. Anime is generally pretty story heavy, and you gotta keep up with it. I just dont give much of my time for that much tv, haha. Though I could probly do like an episode a week, but Id have to find one that I liked first.

    (Will respond to the next one soon : p)
    And haha, you write fanfiction? Thats neat : p Creative people are the best people. Id offer to read some of it, but I dont actually watch any anime myself these days, so Id be afraid I wouldnt understand whats going on : (

    Btw, I just noticed your album on your CC page, and I saw the title, "Hello, its me". Is that a Todd Rudgren reference? (May have spelled his last name wrong)
    Yeah, definitely. I work early hours so getting to sleep in is always an exciting thing, haha. I actually love the nights before my days off, cuz like I think about how I can go to bed whenever I want, cuz I can sleep in the next morning. Like, thats the closest feeling to going back to being a care-free child imo. I dont have to worry about nothing and can do whatever I want : p

    And aw, bummer. Hopefully you get your homework done quickly. And just new carpet : p The landlord sent the maintenence man here once, and for some reason he decided to change out our carpet. So he moved our furniture, ripped out all the carpet, and left and never came back ever. I have no idea why he did that. So we had to go and buy our own carpet (I may have even missed a concert I was really hoping to go to this month ; _ : ) and now we have to lay it down ourselves. Its a huge pain.
    No mucho, just getting out of bed : p Its my day off today and Im happy, haha. Might make breakfast here soonish. Hope to do fun stuff today, but think Im gonna end up moving furniture and laying down new carpet all day > : / But oh well, still better than work : p

    What about you?
    Well hello Miss Abigail!!! :D How are you??? I've read a few of your posts (not that I'm stalking you or anything :p), but it sounds like you've been pretty busy with school??? I hope all is well with you!!! Hope we stay in touch, and, I would love to meet you someday. <3

    thank you
    Oh, thank you! I appreciate it. And in return, heres some color for your wall, as well.


    Mines not as organized as yours, though : p
    Hey, you look really great in that photo.

    And yeah, I doubt I'll ever change my avatar picture here.

    Not everyone can look as big faced glamorous like you. :o
    Aw, I'm so sorry Abs. Honestly, I would become addicted very quickly and nothing good could come of it! We'll find some kind of way to keep in touch. :) Love your avatar. You're always so pretty!!! <3
    Omygosh, I love your new avatar picture here.

    You look so cool in it. :D
    Thank you so much for your kind words, Abi. I think I may wait out today in order to respect Galatea and then maybe write my thread tomorrow, depending on how busy I am! :) Thanks so much again! Glad to see you here.
    I see you have gone PRO in Christ. Others may not get that reference but I know you do. How RR Ya?
    Hey girl. I miss our chats <3 <3
    Do not fret, my friends. I'll be back in at least one week.
    It's been great seeing you around the forums again. :) Hope to also chat with you again sometime so I can hear more of that awesome voize....
    They have a new one currently listed on Ebay that's 31% off.

    Korg Kross 61 Music Workstation STAGE ESSENTIALS BUNDLE | eBay

    It would only be $37 a month for two years.

    How can you lose? :D
    Abi! :o

    Oh hey, I heard a good piano song earlier today and thought I would share.

    There's also a link for the music sheet in the video's description.


    It's nice to find you online again. :)
    "We are all in our places with bright smiley faces. Let's let the party begin!" Well, unless today or this (period of life) doesn't lend itself to a bright smiley emotion. Then we should probably say, "Thank You Lord, for today You promise to grace me up and send me on Your way!" That I can safely say everyday.

    I have no business to allow false emotions before God, emotions that are not "me" at all, and that I have not the remotest intention of carrying out. Our Lord requires not only chastity of body; He requires chastity of thought. It is great to see you have visited back once again...I pray your real life in Christ - outside of online, is bearing much fruit! May God richly Bless you, each and every new day ...~Dan~. :).. (I ditto Shine/your/light: We have missed your light being shone around these here parts!).
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