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    Unmask yourselves!

    That is me sitting in my car.
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    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    I get to go play with my neighbors puppy again today. She's working, she was home yesterday so I didn't get to cuddle him, it was a sad day, just kidding. Anyhow this is Blaze the puppy.
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    Low maintenance

    I try not to let myself go, by that I mean I try somewhat to look presentable when I leave the house. I don't mean to mow the lawn, but when I'm going somewhere in public. I don't wear pajamas and I brush my hair and maybe throw some mascara on. If my Husband and I are going to dinner or a...
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    Just a warning that I received a message from someone sounding very scam like. They always start with Hello Dear and the English is a bit off although they say they're from America. Just be careful. Usually these folks like to steal someone's photo and scam others.
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    Happy Canada Day!

    Happy Canada Day Canadian friends! Hope you have a great day!
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    Are you easy going or not so easy going?

    My Husband went out of town a few weeks ago. He was only gone 4 day's, so it wasn't to long. Anyhow while he was gone it was pretty relaxed around here. We had our normal routine except we just ate whatever for dinner. Like one night my Son had waffles and me and my Daughter had cereal. We also...
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    Bug repellent

    I'm a misquote magnet. I always have been and always will be. I use super strong deet when I'm going to be out at night. Or in the woods or by the lake. I hate how sticky it is and I hate the way I smell. Anyone know of anything that isn't to sticky or stinky to help ward off the bugs? I've...
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    If you lived you lived through the 80's you'll remember some of these, Parachute pants, Care Bears, Michael Jackson pleather style jackets, Rubix Cubes, button pins, banana clips, Swatch Watches, safety pins, big hair, Aqua Net, etc. Share some trends from your youth.
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    My friend sent me this picture yesterday : This year's fads, in America anyhow. First you have the kid's with their arms in the air, can't remember what it's called. Then there is the annoying bottle flip challenge, then homemade slime and last but not least Fudgit Spinners. All equally...
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    Big changes

    After this school year I'll no longer be working at the preschool I've been working at. I do work at a laundromat at least one night a week or more if I'm needed. In the fall of 2018 my Son will start cyber school, then in the fall of 2019 my Daughter will start. I'll be home with them. I...
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    Positive Reinforcement

    Interesting article about positive reinforcement. Teacher to Parent - Positive reinforcement doesn't work in the long run | Opinion |
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    The middle

    I realized when I had turned 45 that I am middle aged now. So now I'm 47 and inching closer to 50. It's weird, I don't mentally feel older, physically I'm doing okay, I have arthritis in my ankle and lower back, but it's manageable. I feel calmer, more centered than I ever have in my life...
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    I lost it

    My wedding band, I lost it. I was swimming with my Daughter and had it in my bag. Later I remembered I put my rings in there and found my engagement ring but couldn't find my wedding band. I looked at the pools lost and found, wasn't there. Dug through my car, wasn't there. I was rummaging...
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    Dreamy romance.

    This meme annoys me. Why? You ask. Because these are two actors playing fictional characters in a movie called, The Notebook. It's a nice movie and the characters have a nice love story. If you've never seen it, it goes something like this: Noah and Ally come from different sides of the track...
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    I hope you all can help a middle aged woman out here. I am thinking I might have arthritis in my lower back and my ankle that I broke a few years ago. I'm unsure because I've never been diagnosed with any type of arthritis. One side in my lower back has been hurting a lot since last Friday. I...