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    A family for God

    Hi, I'm 27 yrs old and I will be married in october. I'm thrilled and scared but I know God has gifted me this blessing in on top of the blessing of existing in a country blessed more than it sees. I'm excited that my family exists because God said that they do. I'm thankful because I can see...
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    work blessings

    I've worked as a security guard at a truck gate and inventory at walmart. I didn't think that mattered I mean they're not important and they're simple jobs. Then I got a job at a meat plant and they saw my experience and wanted me for truck inventory and I knew that it was a blessing...
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    Adam's best friend

    (my personal meditation on Adam and Eve and not my personal translation of each verse but careful thought about it) The story of Adam is pretty short while he lived on his own with God and however long he lived with God it shows that although its a few verses long we can see it was a long time...
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    Interesting joke :P

    So I was talking to my dad once about The Bible and he told me a joke he heard that uses the Bible. I don't know if its disrespectful to do this but from what I understand its something that could actually happen so here goes: Basically this guy and this girl were best friends. He liked her...
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    Your weights?

    I think this is a great verse to help us see how much we have grown and matured in our walk with God. Hebrews 12:1 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with...
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    Luck is a false god, and I think I love you ;)

    1 Peter 4:1-4 Idols: This is my account on what I have seen and learned as a Christian. What is normal for us is not normal for what we are taught, by what we should consider our culture, our food, and our life. When we prepare each day to set apart time for our hobbies and our entertainment...
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    What has made you happy today?

    My girlfriend surprised me with a cupcake balloon in my room with 2 cards :o
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    A while back I joined CC, about a year and 5 months ago. I was looking for some place comfy to have friends and joke about nothing and hopefully be a better Christian. I succeeded and learned how to be cool without trying and met awesome people but I thought I was in control and I argued with...
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    Whar is the Bible verse that is cited when a.person is baptized? I will be baptized soon and I ask for everyone's prayers :) I've never been baptized. Im anxious to be baptized :). Im excited and joyful and I have felt The Lord guiding me alwayd through my life even when for a brief moment I...
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    Work work

    I feel bad I work so much. Recently I get urges to drop everything & just be with God because I feel greatest on Sundays when I learn & feel closest to Him. Are we okay just working & helping coworkers & people we "bump" into who need directions? I just feel really anxious to serve God... but...
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    What is a Biblical marriage like? What is required? How is it celebrated, before & after? I'm interested in what the Bible says IS a marriage & what it shouldn't be. In the ceremony I mean not the relationship. The relationship I know is described everywhere in the Bible :) Thank you.
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    News isn't new

    All the answers are in The Bible and if you don't see it then pray. If you pray do it with an open heart & mind, in Jesus' name. The Lord always answers.
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    The Unknown Thread

    You tell me! I don't know nothin!
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    The treasure box...

    Bring your treasure & store it in this thread tell why its a/your treasure. Don't have a treasure? Reach for something in the box but don't fall in! Treasures can be anything. I store my basic drawing talent, its been fun but at this point I doubt I'll use it as anything outstanding of...
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    I'd never lost a good friend like I did today. I wore my heart on my sleeve & gave my love of friendship. So it saddens me greatly because my friend just did away with me... Thank You Lord for teaching me this lesson. I know why I lost my friend, & I'm trying to forgive her. I didn't think.