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  • Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise You. Psalm 63:3

    Poor Monday - It gets such a bad rap simply for following Sunday, and being the normal beginning of a lot of peoples work week, whereas Fridays really are no better than Mondays, yet they benefit from simply being next to the weekend, and the normal day for a lot of peoples close to their work week. Do you ever feel like a Monday when you are just as good as Friday? Do you ever feel like a Friday when you don't deserve it necessarily? .... Happy Monday!
    Today is Sonday! Sometimes the deepest things can be said very simply. Tomorrow is also Sonday! And so on and so on! Enjoy this day for the Lord has created it just for us.
    Thank You Seoulsearch! I couldn't hope for more myself. I offer those same sentiments back also to you! May God richly Bless us, His Children, as we serve His will.
    Hope things are going well with you and that you have a blessed week! :)
    Hello Cameron - Or should I say You, Yourself, and I? Smile. I am doing fantabulous today. Today however is not the usual. As it is that I am a human - life can offer up many different circumstances which become character developing skill sets that God affords me. I say that, knowing we are all in the same boat as humans. Mounting up with wings as eagles, running and not being weary, are indications that something more than usual is at work. Walking and not fainting is the life that glorifies my God and satisfies the heart of my Jesus to the full. My prayer is that the marvel of my everyday, being fully dependent on Him, will break out in known appreciation of my Father's glory; be it thru vulnerability, or thru empowerment, but nonetheless it all being sustainability and steadfastness wrought out in my character as Dan....and to that end I say, "To God be the glory, praise His name!" How are you today?
    Lighthearted - If I can discuss and discover Christ more deeply with your friend, it would be my pleasure to be available to lift Christ up alongside him. Yes, that thread is interesting to me, I see many Christians who struggle with the concept of evil spirits gaining mindful ground. We must all remember Biblically that only the conditions must be right for Satan to take ground in our minds. He need not have our permission. This is why we must always be active in our Spiritual Warfare and give our minds to Christ proactively; and never allow passivity of mind to become apart of us. This is not devil possession which is also possible, but rather Satanic influence. Satan wants us to stop thinking according to our spirit's lead, He wants us to let him do the thinking for us. And then we say, "I don't know why, but I can't seem to honor God." We need to wake up and pick up our Cross daily and follow Him ... Mindfully, and bodily as the Holy Spirit directs and empowers.
    I am loving God more today than even yesterday! * How are you? I was reading your post you wrote on the thread to the woman asking for help with her adulterous ways. I have a good friend here on CC...I'm going to have him read what you wrote because he needs to hear about how God talks to us. How we be still and rest. How you decern when God's talking and not Satan...he needs a Christian man mentor type to talk with that is "Grown" and knowledgeable in God's word...Mind if I have him message you or something? I'm trying...but he needs a fellow brother from another mother... if you know what I mean...and I think you have some past issues in common. I'd appreciate it! God bless! Love ya Dan ;)
    I am doing life; both here and yet always from up there! Smile. How do I find my Lighthearted friend today?
    How are you slave? Praying for God's blessings on you brother!
    You know it - Lighthearted! I will absorb His wonderful Sunshine/Son-shine!! You as well!
    Hi ya sweetheart! Praying for God's blessings to fall upon you like rays of sunshine today!
    Abigail - "I am doing the dew and letting God get it done!" That's found in (2 Daniel 3:11) I think. Smile :cool:. University?!! Yowza! Now I won't see you for four years .... we can't have that now... I will pray for those challenges, that's exciting. Super Mega Excited too for ya. Smile. It is always good to hear from people who have been encouraging along the way in life isn't it? That fact is when living Spiritual reality outranks doctrinal awareness, because it is only Spiritual reality offered thru the Holy Spirit, that gives us powerful Spiritual effectiveness of any kind. Good to hear from you, and it was good to visit you on site too.((Pro)lifically).
    Thx Lighthearted - Hi - May God Bless you as well, as you have been a Blessing.
    Dan! Haha that's clever. I'm doing great. Currently at work, night shift with nothing to do haha. Well I'm gonna start with university next month and I'm super mega excited! It will be busy but Jesus will get me through. How are you, my friend!
    Awesomely Great Morning to you.....Oh what God will be doing today! Its a mystery yet it is all His, I love it! What will He do thru me today? Let's find out shall (I) we? You too are all in that plan of action, Good Morning to you as well Lighthearted! May His wish come true today as we both are ready to do His will exceedingly well thru Christ! As the Looney Tunes once sang, "On the the show this is it.....da da da da da da da... da da da da da da da da....etc, on the the show this is it!."
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