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  • I knew you would say you weren't fact, I can tell you're very confident and outspoken. I like that very much :) I like openness...I don't like guessing or having other people guess how I feel or what I think. It causes problems and confusion otherwise. Now, the mystery is there in the amazment of wondering all the experiences a person has been through and how God has used the good and bad ones to grow a person. Other mysteries are yet to take place.
    I'm never fearful.....
    My name is Dan, but you can call me "anytime!" Wow, was that cheesy or what? Welcome Brandy. I haven't known a Brandy. Nor, have I drunken a brandy.... It is a privilege to know you - Welcome! :cool:.
    Thank you very much Dan...I'm Brandy. Pleased to meet you ;)
    I see you don't beat around the bush!!!, and I love honest people who are also godly in their demeanor. :). I, am too, a very spontaneous individual in regards to truth - Spiritual truth. In the right timing forthrightness is right every time according to His will. Smile. I have accepted your friends request, now we can talk fully abandoned in Christ! ...:).
    Ok Dan! You gave me a major bolt of lightning with your response to that thread about the girlfriends past. Wow!, since I'm immediately drawn to you, I sent you a friend request, and read your profile. I would like to get to know more...seems we may have quite a bit in common. I don't beat around the bush and pretty much say how I feel. It would be stupid not to just give you my number so maybe we can text and who 937-532-5350
    Hello Seoulsearch - One Easter I did do faces like this on a dozen eggs, but I didn't do this picture of those specific eggs. I thought it shows diversity in how we all are going thru different experiences yet are all alike in the carton of life....:cool:Smile.

    As far as my ex-wife - Yes, God has me nestled very close to Himself, and shows me how much He loves me daily, Thank You. He who is invisible I have seen all the more vividly since her times of vice-gripping my faith. My love for people has only grown and has not lost hope in the slightest, the pain is real, but that is because my love was real, as was my Fathers in the marriage. I have not gained anything in way of my independence, (as some of my friends promote) for that I never had in Christ to gain. She thought it possible to gain (moral) independence from God and me. On the contrary, I have found freedom in my submission to my Father; Hence, also my submission to others.
    Hello, Mr. Slave. :) May I ask--I've always wondered--did you draw the faces on the eggs in your avatar yourself? (Sorry, you probably get asked that all the time.) Very creative. :) I sometimes remember your avatar when I'm cracking open the ol' carton. :) I read the comment in your profile about your wife's decision. I'm very sorry. :( I hope God comforts you day by day.
    Hey Perfectly - I enjoyed your testimony, never be a stranger now, shoot, we're family now forever, we might as well get to know one another right?!! Smile. We also can PM too. I was thinking how Joy is the great note all thru the Bible. We have the notion of joy that arises from good spirits or good health, but the miracle of the joy of God has nothing to do with a man's life or his circumstances or the condition he is in. Jesus does not come to a man and say, "Cheer up!"; He plants within a man the miracle of the joy of God's own nature. Amen my friend..
    ......:). Awesome ~BB~ Possum!! Abi!
    I'm glad to hear from you Dan. I pray all good things go your way. Yes, I found a new care group, which I will be visiting tomorrow. I pray I get to fit in haha. I missed you all too. :) I'm still kicking, grace is supplying me everyday, thankfully. Jesus is taking great care of me :)
    Well, I have been working hard at working hard. Which Jesus tells me is better than hardly working. So praise God for that! But I will never live on a hill with gold and a olympic size pool on this earth. But that would make sense, because I have never invested in such a place. I am too busy investing in the important / eternal things. Yet, still, God has not kept me from eating or sleeping under a roof etc etc. You gotta love Ravi, but not so much Ravioli..Smile. So, how is your life? Give me some praise notes and some prayer requests. My prayers I offer you in support! ...Always!:)..May God richly Bless you this day...~Dan~
    Once upon a time, that quote was my signature haha. I love Ravi. How have you been?
    LivelylifeHugger - Cool as drool is to a fool; and wisdom is to a Saint. "Awesome-BB-Gossum."
    So I don't run aimlessly. I don't let my eyes drift off the finish-line. When I box, I don't throw punches in the air. (1 Corinthians 9:26).
    Ok, how are you? .....Great how about you? ........Can't complain (ok, I could complain but I choose not to)......perfect, yeah, I too could say a lot about how I want this or I want that, but my point is to want nothing, and give to God who gives me plenty to want in return....That's well put....THX...No problem. So is there anyone else here? Hmmmm, let me check..............NOPE, NADA, not even a fly on the wall! ....Well, that's ok, its been nice to encourage and talk to you anyway......THX, same - right back at ya! Encourage away! Got any verses form today? ...Sure: "So I don't run aimlessly. I don't let my eyes drift off the finish-line. When I box, I don't throw punches in the air." (1 Corinthians 9:26)...Nice, ...yeah I thought so too. God bless!
    Yes, Christian71 it does get better. Before you know it you will be training others how do this stuff you are now trying to figure out still. If you have any questions let me know, and if I can't answer it, I will ask God to get someone who does, Smile. What stood out to me about you? A need to exhibit praise of God, and a need for fellowship. I also am one of them types. But also simply because God made you and I have yet to have the opportunity to know what He has invested in you that I may benefit from. I look forward to your friendship. Welcome again....Dan.
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