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    Install a "dislike icon" or thumbs down option for each post

    There has been a time or 2 when I used a "thumbs down" picture in my stress my opinion.
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    Major Shut Down Coming!

    News flash...and news flash melody(click video and read on): Now for the news: AOL Messenger is shutting down in December of this year! Surely you have memories of this great, powerful, unmatched, high-tech program?
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    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    I know, I know! Start with the more minor ones... 1. Pictures showing a Lion and Lamb laying next to each other are not Biblical. (Isa 11:6) 2. Pride is not always bad. Heat things up a bit... 3. Judging is not always wrong. Feeling the heat... 4. Sins are not all...
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    Multi-millionaire preachers

    Admitting you are that they didn't teach you about the Levitical, Festival, and Poor tithes?! Disturbing this is... Consider this our readers should!
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    16 Million Americans Could Lose Health Insurance Under "Skinny Repeal"

    He should have room for ya in his $8 million house... Democrats...the party for the little and poor people...
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    Tithes and offerings are not synonymous. A tithe is 10%. Nothing more and nothing less. An offering, on the other hand, can be any amount. Jesus saw a woman whom gave two wheat pennies Wheat pennies - which are actually a "cent" rather than penny - were issued by US mints(Denver...
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    God desires your tithe There was multiple types of tithes, not one. If people are going to push tithing, then they're ripping God off when they suggest there is just one. or hoard up money and stuff for ourselves. Exactly, because nobody lives paycheck to paycheck or struggles to make...
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    The tithes to consider when considering tithing...
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    O'Reilly is GONE!

    Heeeee's back...sorta...according to his website...graphic won't paste to here as it shows there...
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    Walmart Addresses Shoplifting

    Ho ho hum blah. I go there regularly. My gf works there and is part of management.
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    Why im not a calvinist (but want to be)

    Is the Arminian vs Calvinism debate over yet? Have the two come to an agreement that can be shared with the world and forever leave us with peace?! After 450 years, are we finally there?! :cool:
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    There you go again pulling up on other peoples faults. Says Andycross, whose contribution to this thread is to make a blanket statement that NO ONE shows any love. I dont Care Start. Replying with quote would be a great start here at CC. Go and pull someone else to peaces. That's a goal of...
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    Idol worship on Easter

    There is a way to tell who has us on ignore? I'd be curious to know who can't stand me!
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    Whatever kind I am ..."eating". :o
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    joining the army

    Why are you replying to a thread that was started 4 years ago and had it's most recent reply(before yours) the same day as it was started? In addition to that, the person who started the thread last visited this website April 11th, 2013(less than 2 months after starting the thread), so it would...